Li Chongjiu’s boat waited for an afternoon at the gate of the workshop, and all the boats moored in the workshop were also in and out. Li Chongjiu heard that the deck boatman seemed to curse and delay his business.

At noon, a large number of officials began to go out to the square one by one to enter the search, which seemed to search for strangers. Li Chongjiu knows that he is inexperienced, after all, and what clues may be left, and what flaws can be seen by experienced catchers. Later, a team of […]

"Get me out! Get me out!" Li Yuanji cried.

Fang Xuanling struggled to get rid of Li Yuanji and grabbed his hand. He stood up and said, "Anyway, he is the prince of Datang. You can’t abuse him. How can you explain this to the Tang Emperor?" Fang Xuanling said this in the hope that the ransom will be reduced for this reason when […]


The luster in the eyes of the ancient sound is not strong, but it seems to shine directly into the bottom of Li Xun’s heart. It happened that her tone remained lazy. "A green songs can satisfy you? I thought the songs in your heart were hateful, but Qixia, Qingluan, my accomplices and masterminds were […]

"The fact that shemale pursues’ peace’ in this world has occupied the vast majority of the mainstream after all."

"This Weishan crisis was deliberately triggered by my senior brother and accumulated over the past hundreds of years." When speaking of this, Pei Wende paused a little before continuing to say "Killing all potential enemies regardless of everything is indeed a way to break the game." "But this way of breaking the game will cause […]

The oxygen content in the atmosphere is very heavy, which makes the lung pressure relieved, but the skin must be quite uncomfortable. One person’s tall wormwood or strange mysterious plants aggravate the skin pain, and the biological spores are always in the air like catkin days forever.

Yu Weichao looked up at the sky and just saw a caterpillar flying. It waved its fluff and semi-transparent wings and danced desperately. It still unfortunately landed and slammed into yellow water. "yum" "yum" "hey!" The last one can be called huge. Yu Weichao stopped tickling his hands and tried to open his eyes to […]

"You want to find the cat! ? Skybreaking road! ?”

The idea even he dare not imagine. The cat is a thing! ? Every emperor has tried to touch how many emperors in history want to break the ground, and finally it is not the road to dust and dust. Leave a tomb of the Emperor of Heaven missing. Eyes Jiang Feng looked at each […]

The whole pit was so hot that I couldn’t hold my feet. I didn’t try so hard to ramble with them. I saw that these young people were also very interested in the development of the whole village, so I said something to them, which made everyone feel very high. When the temperature dropped, I immediately called everyone to dig.

A group of people danced around the hoe shovel in that position and soon dug several meters deep-strangely enough, there was a cold air inside and everyone was shaking! Looks like we’re in place! I called others, and then I went to the bottom of the pit with Sang Yu to reach out and explore […]