Shan Feihong asked in a low voice, "What monster is this, my Lord?"

Mill said in a low voice, "Ziwei Xuanshu Raytheon didn’t expect this little robbery to go against the sky and actually ushered in Raytheon’s virtual shadow. This small estimate is hard to get through …" Corleone incarnation swire Lei Shou face upwards a roar "ouch ….." Raytheon raised himself with a flash of golden light […]

The little witch looked at the evil ghost blankly.

"Didn’t you come and die? What’s wrong with living? " Little witch don’t understand And the evil tube red breath less and less gradually become thoroughly. Face rage also disappeared. The evil spirits around are frightened. "How did that happen? What about his criminal career? His sin has disappeared and he is going to be […]

"Yes, my brother." Jade Duxiu respectful way

Seeing the ancestors didn’t mean to talk, Jade Duxiu slowly withdrew from the hall and looked at the disaster when it was as good as the Tianhe River flowing backwards. Jade Duxiu’s eyebrows suddenly moved and the black lotus jumped up. At this time, a lotus fragrance spread all over the nine days and ten […]

"You you really know about the zerg! Do you know what I venture to be a pioneer? Because there is treasure here. "

"Treasure?" Lin momo raised his hand slightly stupefied and ordered the metempsychosis evil dragon to stop extracting real treasures. The word Zerg has a special meaning. Sometimes it refers not to resources but to some ancient dusty objects. It is necessary to ask what all the Western gold rushes to the skeleton star. "I said, […]