"The fact that shemale pursues’ peace’ in this world has occupied the vast majority of the mainstream after all."

"This Weishan crisis was deliberately triggered by my senior brother and accumulated over the past hundreds of years." When speaking of this, Pei Wende paused a little before continuing to say "Killing all potential enemies regardless of everything is indeed a way to break the game." "But this way of breaking the game will cause […]

"How come the donkey’s face is so long … when I take this place, you can go and grind it for the Buddha!" The young monk’s mouth is very black, and his face is blue with one mouth!

The horse-faced three-corpse god is about to be blown out by gas, and there’s no doubt whether the other party is the earth treasure bodhisattva or not. He shouted, "Look at the fight, little boy!" Chapter 154 Brittle or not The horse raised his fist and hit it. The young monk evaded and sneered at […]

"Then what do you mean?"

"Don’t I mean it?" Zou Chen’s eyes dodged and his ears were slightly red. My eyes are shooting at him like radar. What the hell does this fellow mean? He suddenly dragged me to the door and stepped out. "I’m going to be late." He ran away in a panic. I watched him make a […]

If the sea creatures come into contact with the light beam, they will instantly melt into ashes … So the sea creatures were frightened and fled at that time.

Lin learned from multiple biological memories that the database also "countered" these beams. The sea surface is constantly surging, and they form huge waves, water cannons or … waterspouts. These liquid attacks are constantly rushing to the sky, which seems to be an attack on the enemy. It’s a pity that these sea creatures can’t […]

At that time, the black worms all thought about Jiang Feng, and they rushed over, and a line of people rushed out to seize the opportunity.

Immediately rushed towards the main tomb. As expected, everyone quickly entered the tomb. "Everybody calm down for a while and turn around and enter the main tomb together. Don’t be careless." Jiang Feng said bluntly. But obviously, They were all concerned that they did not put Jiang Feng at ease. Seven people are scared out […]