"How come the donkey’s face is so long … when I take this place, you can go and grind it for the Buddha!" The young monk’s mouth is very black, and his face is blue with one mouth!

The horse-faced three-corpse god is about to be blown out by gas, and there’s no doubt whether the other party is the earth treasure bodhisattva or not. He shouted, "Look at the fight, little boy!" Chapter 154 Brittle or not The horse raised his fist and hit it. The young monk evaded and sneered at […]

They can’t see the heaven, but they can’t see the heaven. They say that the Tang royal family will do their best to protect the Tang royal family, but it will take several years to let them die.

The two Taoist priests ran out of a short distance before stopping to see what the palace would do in the coming days. If something goes wrong, they will list Chang ‘an as a restricted area in the next few hundred years. The miraculous performance of the celestial body made many people in the palace […]

Yip hon can’t help but sigh "that can wait"

"Yeah, I wish it were faster. Aliens can’t wait for us." Gao Kai said with anxiety. Yip hon looked at him. "There’s still a lot of time. Why don’t you go home and have a look?" "Don’t back to the fleet without me …" "Don’t be so narcissistic, okay? Do you really think that the […]

Tianyang Angry Yu also changed the original step-by-step strategy and directly announced to the scavenger city through confrontation with Wang Lingjun that there will be a fourth day order powerhouse in this city from now on.

And then he will be tough to get rid of Al-Hoin, and only by this means can he deter gangsters, so that all those who make their own ideas should weigh their own weight before acting and consider whether they can withstand their anger afterwards. Only in this way can he protect his cherished people, […]

But then it was it … that calmed the world.

Chapter three thousand seventeen Desire "Do you really pursue peace? Do you really want peace to come? " This guy who claim to be that’ God’ who made this world is also an amber creature. To be precise, it is the creator who controls those amber substances to form creatures. It told visitors, that is, […]