Li Chongjiu’s boat waited for an afternoon at the gate of the workshop, and all the boats moored in the workshop were also in and out. Li Chongjiu heard that the deck boatman seemed to curse and delay his business.

At noon, a large number of officials began to go out to the square one by one to enter the search, which seemed to search for strangers. Li Chongjiu knows that he is inexperienced, after all, and what clues may be left, and what flaws can be seen by experienced catchers. Later, a team of […]

"You you really know about the zerg! Do you know what I venture to be a pioneer? Because there is treasure here. "

"Treasure?" Lin momo raised his hand slightly stupefied and ordered the metempsychosis evil dragon to stop extracting real treasures. The word Zerg has a special meaning. Sometimes it refers not to resources but to some ancient dusty objects. It is necessary to ask what all the Western gold rushes to the skeleton star. "I said, […]

Seeing that the Xuan God King moved aside, the two God Kings also understood God and took out their own artifacts. The three patriarchs took out three powerful king artifacts, namely, the ice bow and the magic knife, and the soul bead. The three of them are going to do their best to end Xuanxing’s life!

"Want to fight in groups?" Xuanxing still asked with a smile, but his heart was tense. After all, the three guys in front of him were all masters of the mid-term of the King of God. Just now, the King of God, one of the gods, has caused a lot of pressure on himself. Facing […]

They can’t see the heaven, but they can’t see the heaven. They say that the Tang royal family will do their best to protect the Tang royal family, but it will take several years to let them die.

The two Taoist priests ran out of a short distance before stopping to see what the palace would do in the coming days. If something goes wrong, they will list Chang ‘an as a restricted area in the next few hundred years. The miraculous performance of the celestial body made many people in the palace […]

Li Xianzhong made such a judgment before he lacked first-hand information-it’s not that he didn’t want to get more reliable information, but they couldn’t get more accurate information

The information sent to spy is fine, and the whistle rides more and comes back with less news. At present, it can also achieve this point. Li Xianzhong clearly noticed that the military consciously responded to Song Jun’s spying And the effect is very good Nevertheless, Li Xianzhong feels that he can also analyze the […]

Fuxi speaks

San huang also has ancestors, that is, the family who taught people to drill wood for fire, the family who taught people to build houses and have nests, and the family who taught people to keep out the cold with hides and leaves. These three people are collectively called Terran Three Ancestors Terran Guides. Now […]

Even though so many people have gone in, the noise inside has not decreased, and it is even getting worse, and more and more people come to watch the fun at the gate.

Li Chu, who was impatient, planned to take his daughter-in-law home, and someone came out. First, as soon as the street workers walked to the door, they looked at so many people around outside, and then they were stunned. Then they sighed and shook their heads to separate the crowd and left here. Followed by […]