The whole pit was so hot that I couldn’t hold my feet. I didn’t try so hard to ramble with them. I saw that these young people were also very interested in the development of the whole village, so I said something to them, which made everyone feel very high. When the temperature dropped, I immediately called everyone to dig.

A group of people danced around the hoe shovel in that position and soon dug several meters deep-strangely enough, there was a cold air inside and everyone was shaking! Looks like we’re in place! I called others, and then I went to the bottom of the pit with Sang Yu to reach out and explore […]

Sun Hao, throwing his brother’s token in his hand, thought about it for a moment, and walked over to the deacon’s hall with a change of direction. The elder brother said that he was good, and he really couldn’t be too shabby, otherwise he would have to laugh at himself well if others didn’t estimate that Ji Yuliu was that girl.

Turn around and enter the deacon’s hall Eyes swept away and I couldn’t help but shine at the moment and stride into a deacon window. Sun Hao "bounced" and knocked a few times and said, "What do you do when you are still sleeping in?" Xiaoya was startled when she heard a vaguely familiar sound. […]

Old Fan Gong thought of his brother that time, and the aura of Dan Xiang was so strong. It was because of excitement that three Dan became an old Fan Gong. Although Xing Qi still looked still, old Fan Gong was very worried about whether he would follow in his brother’s footsteps.

Thick purple gas is getting thicker and thicker. There are strips of purple gas circulating in the room. Four Dan teachers, Lao Fangong and five people are all close to the pure aura near the Dan furnace, but it is also a great supplement. Five people are greedy and take a sip of ordinary people, […]

The curved eyebrows and white skin always look charming, but the black frame glasses make it converge, which is more or less like a public official in some countries.

The water is straight and smooth, and the legs are stacked and the chairs are dazzling. Of course, the most eye-catching thing is still the attractive criminal chest devices that are almost perfect for bursting breasts. I was suspicious and looked at the slim waist of the staff who burst breasts. I smiled slightly. "My […]

This time, I have reached a consensus with the Gene Committee. It’s absolutely worthwhile to carry out the top secret plan and make great achievements! "

Kitawan nodded. "The teacher has one more thing to say-the third thing you told your brother has also changed." Evie knew exactly what the third thing he told Kitawan was "change"? Did something happen or failed and was discovered? " "Not that Xu tui has left Bluestar." "From the blue star?" "The latest information Huaxia […]

I had a conversation with my grandmother. Just when I got here, I heard the hotel building suddenly explode and a wall collapsed, followed by panic.

Chapter four hundred and three Sincerity or hypocrisy When I heard that the building came, a wall collapsed, and the frightened cry, my grandmother and I looked at each other and got dressed quickly. I didn’t immediately knock on the door to find out what happened. I took an invisible paper man out of the […]