"Get me out! Get me out!" Li Yuanji cried.

Fang Xuanling struggled to get rid of Li Yuanji and grabbed his hand. He stood up and said, "Anyway, he is the prince of Datang. You can’t abuse him. How can you explain this to the Tang Emperor?" Fang Xuanling said this in the hope that the ransom will be reduced for this reason when […]


The luster in the eyes of the ancient sound is not strong, but it seems to shine directly into the bottom of Li Xun’s heart. It happened that her tone remained lazy. "A green songs can satisfy you? I thought the songs in your heart were hateful, but Qixia, Qingluan, my accomplices and masterminds were […]

The little witch looked at the evil ghost blankly.

"Didn’t you come and die? What’s wrong with living? " Little witch don’t understand And the evil tube red breath less and less gradually become thoroughly. Face rage also disappeared. The evil spirits around are frightened. "How did that happen? What about his criminal career? His sin has disappeared and he is going to be […]

Gnaroslin sword screen body press.

Lin Jianbing immediately turned the elements into several tiny points like dust spots that were sent out by Gnaros. Those shimmers drilled through the gap of the thunder tide and came to the side of the brake emperor. The shimmers reunited to form Lin Jianbing’s figure. Lin Jianbing knows that this is the key moment […]

When you are injured, you can’t resist the temptation of having a dragon and a dragon. You really want to ascend to heaven again. Dan needs those four elixirs to lead this dragon. Although it is not a real dragon, it is biased towards the dragon and it can also be used as a Dan lead.

I used to kill a dragon when I was in Xishan Fairy House, but although the dragon was called a dragon, it was a dragon with a preference for dumpling. It was absolutely no problem to do what the three leaders said, if the truth was used to do it. But will the three leaders […]

Tianyang Angry Yu also changed the original step-by-step strategy and directly announced to the scavenger city through confrontation with Wang Lingjun that there will be a fourth day order powerhouse in this city from now on.

And then he will be tough to get rid of Al-Hoin, and only by this means can he deter gangsters, so that all those who make their own ideas should weigh their own weight before acting and consider whether they can withstand their anger afterwards. Only in this way can he protect his cherished people, […]

"Why thank you for this thing? That’s all you want." Zhu Ling smiled and said, "Even if Xiao Hao didn’t contribute, he wouldn’t giggle with you."

Sun Haomeng rolled his eyes and said, I didn’t contribute, but I made a lot of ideas, okay Zhu Ling suddenly stared at Corleone "what’s the matter? Not angry? " Sun Hao quickly and consciously laughed. "Ling Jie, Long Legs, Ling Ying, SHEN WOO, you have left me behind, okay?" Zhu Ling sloped a smile. […]

Without looking at the blood dripping from the left fist, his eyes suddenly rose and his eyes were covered with a layer of purple awn. The disease was like asking people to look directly at the direction of the ice mark on the moon and rage, "Who can stop me!"

Off-site including Aoki Buddha are confused with surprise, and you can’t see that the land has undergone a change. At this moment, Lan Feng’s words have made everyone’s heart sink, and that a little peace of mind is filled with anxiety again. It turned out that at that moment, Lan Feng said with a heavy […]