It is reasonable to say that Lu Qian has been driven out of the house and has a life with her boyfriend, otherwise she would not listen to her boyfriend so much, but now this person has not appeared. What is it?

"You mean …" Cheng Man’s words haven’t finished yet. See Muming’s line of sight light falls in the direction of Gu Jingke. At this time, he is talking with the Millennium. She sweeps her eyes and hangs her head. Muming’s eyes fell to Cheng Man’s mouth slightly ticked "Remember to raise your salary" Cheng Man […]

"Uncle is a good craftsman."

So kua 1 Then I suddenly realized something was wrong. Looking around, I found that several big girls and little girls were looking at her, and the atmosphere seemed to become a little dull. "hmm? What’s the matter with you? " Seven nights is not white. A closer look reveals that Tsukuyomi Komoe’s eyes are […]

"Ah-I know, I know you are the grandson …"

Before the skeleton magic words were finished, the Sun Sword stabbed him again. He was so surprised that he shut up and backed away while Yin sang a spell from his mouth. At this time, all the small mounds in luàn’s burial mound were turned over, and nearly 100 skeleton soldiers with a height of […]

Lu Chen didn’t stretch out his hand to help the old housekeeper, and he didn’t answer. He turned around and picked up a plate of French dry-fried sole from the table, forked it and sent it to his mouth.

The old housekeeper still maintained a bow posture. The venue was quiet and terrible. There were teenagers chewing close. With excellent hearing, the hybrid could hear the bone spur being snapped. Milanella handed the napkin after Lu Chen swallowed the whole fish. He wiped his mouth gracefully. "I will save her, but that’s not because […]

"Ha ha yeah, no one thought I said how this little girl was so enthusiastic about me and Jiang Hao. It turned out to be premeditated." Qiao Xinwei was too impatient to sit still. "Why didn’t Captain Shen come to Jiang Hao to go in alone?"

At this time, two people suddenly jumped out of the grass. "Alas, who is someone?" Qiao Xinwei just looked out and saw them. She exclaimed at the sight of the two black shadows and suddenly ran to the front and threw two smoke bombs at the window. Section 64 Ruan Bin, the "express train", saw […]

Besides, some things Meng Qi himself is not so clear, and some words are also embarrassing to tell girls. Well, it is estimated that it would be much more convenient for a male Meng Qi to talk. Speaking of Meng Qi’s previous life and present life, he is only 27 years old. Even though he has experienced strange and bumpy experiences, he is still confined to that age group. Of course, he is still very different from the average person.

In other words, Meng Qi decided to think about having children after 30 years, and now he is still not used to being a father for so long. On this day, Meng Qi hung on the tree to enjoy the winter sunshine, and I finally breathed a sigh of relief. Today, Hu Xianer honestly cultivated […]