Lan Yunpeng’s face changed with fear. What do these senior sisters want?

"Good evening, you must be Lan Yunpeng!" At the front is a girl with fiery red hair, which should be said to be the most beautiful girl here except Susu. The most attractive requirement is that she is convex and backward, and her body is hot. Hold out her hand. "Hello, I am a pharmacist at Zhang Xinyue Bauhinia College, and I am a good friend of Susu."
"Good evening!" Lan Yunpeng is also very polite, but he is a little curious. Didn’t he invite himself to dinner? Why are there so many classmates? Maybe they are all her good friends.
Ladies are reserved and gentle, and introduce themselves one by one. I have to say that they really make friends in a square, and almost all of them have a foundation. If someone else were here, every most promising female student would be dazzled. All of them are boys and girls, but these days, charming women are no longer proud, and they are extremely enthusiastic about Lan Yunpeng with a comforting smile.
Who just vowed to teach the late villain a lesson?
People have been living together, and soon the food will be sent to make the dishes cooked by the leading high-end hotel in Guanghui City with natural color, fragrance and taste.
It’s already dinner time, but there are so many strange senior sisters Lan Yunpeng who have always maintained the proper manners of a man. Lan Yunpeng is polite and different. These female students who are about to graduate are very interested in him. Lan Yunpeng became famous in the first world war with Chundao College. He was promoted from obscurity to a new generation idol of Bauhinia College. Less than a year and a half after he entered the school, he became the first master of the college before even finishing the basic course. This is incredible in the eyes of all.
But the fact is, after all, a miracle of fact, which makes Lan Yunpeng more attractive. Now it has been said that he is another genius after Julianne.
Do you want to know Lan Yunpeng and see what secrets are hidden behind this magical boy? However, they are more and more surprised. Someone always behaves in a very real way tonight, but he often asks him three sentences and doesn’t get an answer. Actually, Lan Yunpeng was scared by the girls’ chasing. At present, these senior sisters seem to be up to no good. Of course, they should keep a low profile.
Think about his heroic posture in the stadium, but I didn’t expect the girls to look at each other in private. This personality is simply perfect. If Susie didn’t beat herself to it and be her best friend, at least half of the girls here are going to catch up with the present.
156 flowers are eclipsed
Although it’s embarrassing to say that you have to be a good hoe dancer and pry up your sisters and boyfriends if you can’t dig down a corner, you won’t miss the opportunity for idols to meet. Of course, they will not miss their inquiries about the frequency of Lan Yunpeng’s magic communication stone and some basic conditions. Eating a meal at sixes and sevens feels like a press conference.
After dinner, Lan Yunpeng declined the request of senior sisters to go shopping together, and ran away. Here are all the most important people in the college, although they are mediocre in appearance, but they are all outstanding in learning. Even if they are now known as the chief of Bauhinia College, it is estimated that several male compatriots will come to duel with them one day.
A while ago, the news finally calmed Lan Yunpeng down so that he wouldn’t be silly and ask for trouble. Although he can’t keep a low profile any longer, don’t ask for trouble, right?
I don’t want to go shopping with my sweetheart, and Susie also declined the invitation of my good friends. Of course, we should seize the opportunity when shopping? I have been shopping for more than ten years, and it seems that there is nothing new.
"Peng, I’m sorry!" Sue Sue was embarrassed to apologize. I originally wanted to invite Lan Yunpeng to dinner. I didn’t know that I was eaten by a few crazy girls, but I didn’t know that his expression was too tired to make me sad.
"Don’t mind if people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong." Lan Yunpeng wrote a proverb that the earth has the highest rate of success. Of course, he knows that he meant well and blames himself for being too famous now. When a person becomes a public figure, there will always be all kinds of troubles.
In the distance, couples are clinging to each other by a small lake. Susu’s heart is beating so fast. Can’t you get closer when you look at Lan Yunpeng? You can’t let others take the initiative if you are a girl! But it’s not the way to go like this. Sue Sue quietly took Lan Yunpeng’s hand, gentle night beauty is like jade. Lan Yunpeng is not a fool after all, and he gently stopped the peerless beauty in his arms and wanted to say a definite word with her …
However, at this moment, I suddenly felt amazing murderous look, sharp break from far and near, and came to the front in the blink of an eye. There was a wind blade and terrible quarrelling to cut the original LanYunPeng and Susu’s strength. I should have noticed this crisis long ago, but I just invested a little too much and missed the opportunity to dodge.
Su Su’s flowers were eclipsed, and Lan Yunpeng’s consciousness blocked her from hugging her slim waist in front of her. She rolled around and narrowly escaped the wind and shot straight into the lake. Bang, waves several meters high rose in the area, so that if a person was killed, he would be half-dead.
Damn it! Is it that another hoodlum of the Honghu clique, Lan Yunpeng, was angry with himself at that time, but after receiving the education from five stresses, four points of beauty and three loves, the outstanding young man never got guilty after being reborn in the mainland of Sderot. Who was assassinated for three transgressions and five times and the tiger didn’t show his arrogance? You really treat me as a sick cat. No matter who this time, you will pay the price.
Lan Yunpeng was furious, but someone was more angry than him. Susu’s beautiful face was overcast. She could see that her heart seemed to have just made up her mind to say something to her, but it was destroyed. Uncle and aunt couldn’t help it. Women became angry and became more terrible than men. The surrounding fire elements fluctuated violently. Susu’s spirit almost went wild. Where is that hateful villain?
Lan Yunpeng is also looking for the target. Soon, the two men locked their eyes on the nearby Woods at the same time, almost in the blink of an eye, but they were a little at a loss to see the perpetrators.
"How can Jenny be you?"
Although it was very late, the light in the Woods was even dim, Lan Yunpeng’s eyes saw Jenny’s poem clearly at the first glance, and there were two girls she didn’t know. Lan Yunpeng suddenly became discouraged. If another person was sure to make him look good, Jenny’s poem was her good friend, and they had always been good. I didn’t know what to say to her.
Susu frowned, and Jenny’s poems were full of accidents. I went out for a walk with two good sisters this weekend, but I didn’t expect to touch a thief. Even if the money fell, this guy stole his favorite pair of earrings. But Jenny’s poems were taken if she wanted, but there was a magic mark!
The original good mood was destroyed, but Jenny’s poem chased the thief with two sisters and soon noticed it. However, he didn’t panic at all. It seems that the three little beauties are lucky today. This guy is not an ordinary gangster, but a famous thief in mainland China. Recently, Glorious City is too lively and challenging, and it is also a master of the holy order. It is said that not long ago, there was a once-in-a-thousand genius, and almost all kinds of people ran to Glorious City.
Although the old horse profession is a thief, it also likes to be lively, and there are so many celebrities coming to the college that there will definitely be treasures worth selling. The result is better than expected. The old horse wandered around the streets of Guanghui City and stole a lot of good things. Originally, it was all right for him to leave like this, but this guy was short of people and the snake swallowed the elephant and refused to let go. This makes sense. He took a fancy to Jenny’s poetry earrings and stole three girls’ wallets.
This time, I kicked the iron plate Jenny poem earrings, but there was a magic mark, but the old horse was happy and led the three girls to deliberately go to the remote path with no good intentions.
Looking at three pretty girls, Lao Ma licked his tongue. It’s a pity that people are not as good as heaven. So many subjects of Bauhinia College in Glorious City are all military results. The hunter has become prey. Bauhinia College deserves to be the top school in mainland China. Although all three girls are only in the second grade, their strength is not underestimated. Lao Ma is not good at fighting except scurrying around or scurrying around as thieves. Fortunately, his escape skills are first-class and he was almost killed and maimed and became a psychopath.
Just now, those wind blades and quarrelling were Jenny’s poems, and they came after the old horse. As a result, they didn’t hit Lan Yunpeng and Susu, but they were almost accidentally injured.
After listening to what happened, Lan Yunpeng couldn’t say what Jenny’s poems were. They were right and didn’t mean it. Susu’s anger has turned to the thief. Damn, the little thief just ran to Glory City to run wild. The key is to date himself two months ago. There is also a possibility that a true confession will be interrupted like this
In the final analysis, it’s the damn thief.
Susu asked about the magic mark, and the figure disappeared from the original place in a flash. The little girl couldn’t see it clearly when she took root. She was immediately amazed. Susu was so admirable that she was not only superb in strength but also so enthusiastic. Jenny’s poem frowned and her eyes were always fixed on Lan Yunpeng.
At this time, the panting old horse finally ran to Ann’s place and had a narrow squeak! Just now, I almost lost my life. Now, how can a girl be so terrible? It seems that she is still an honest thief. Don’t think about it. She is swearing and swearing, and then she will love her job. Suddenly she feels the danger. The thief’s force is not strong. However, it is they who look after the family that predict the danger.
But this time, it was too sudden, and the speed of the other party was unimaginable. The old horse had just noticed the other party and had already arrived, and there was no chance to escape
The old horse looked up and saw a beautiful and moving girl who was better than the three just now, but also much more terrible. Even if he was not a magician, he felt the flames riot and the surrounding temperature suddenly rose. If he went like this, he would be cooked even if he didn’t start work.
In particular, what scares him is that the girl’s eyes look like she has a deep hatred for herself. The old horse is a little depressed. Don’t talk about the memory. He is very confident and can’t think of anything to do with this girl. He has never seen himself, never stolen from her or offended her.
It won’t be mistaken for someone else!
It is impossible for the old horse to escape if she is lucky enough. However, when she is furious, Su Su will not talk nonsense. This hateful guy is going to make him pay for ruining his date.
Sue Sue stretched out her hands, and her spirit and fire elements quickly gathered. It was a terrible trick. The old horse didn’t even have the strength to escape. Is this still the glorious city, the capital of the holy alliance? How is it more terrible than having been to the forest?
Dream must be a dream. The old horse regrets it. Seeing the terrible magic, he will fall into the ear for a while.
Also calculate this guy’s life should not be denied him. The theft in Glory City finally shocked the city guards, and the capital security department of Glory City Holy Alliance responded by waiting for a while and soon found the thief.
The captain who took the lead in line with the members of the city guard was also a little surprised to see two of the most famous people in Susu Bauhinia College recently. This thief is really impatient to live and provoke the first master of magic in Bauhinia College. He is not thinking about early death and early reincarnation, that is, there is something wrong with his head.
Since the city guards intervened in Susu, they gave the thieves to them. Theft in Glorious City is a felony. Although this guy escaped, it will not come to a good result in the future. Everyone has to pay for it himself.
Lan Yunpeng, Jenny Shi and two other students also chased after him, but they were startled by the scene before them. Senior sister really hates evil!
It was already very late, and after chatting for a few words, several people left immediately. There were classes and Jenny’s poems didn’t stay. Anyway, they were classmates, and they had the opportunity to say something at any time. They looked at Lan Yunpeng’s back, but the two female students were confused and saw idols today.
157 passage
"Jenny, are you familiar with Lan Yunpeng?"
"Yes, I feel that he is a little scared of you."
Both female students are a little strange, and suddenly they find that their friends are connected with the man of the hour in the college, and it seems that it is not simple.
Jenny smiled. Lan Yunpeng was famous after the exchange competition of Spring Rice College. If two girlfriends knew that he was a purple fighting swordsman, they didn’t know what his expression would be. No matter how he wanted to hide it, it would be famous or irreversible. If gold would shine one day.
But for Jenny’s poetry, Lan Yunpeng is Lan Yunpeng. No matter what changes he has, he is his good friend. When she thought of this, her face showed a faint smile. "Is he afraid of me? Even you can see this. It’s normal. He was a poor man when he first came to school."
The two female students looked at each other. Is Lan Yunpeng a pauper? Is this a joke?
On the other side, Susie and Lan Yunpeng walked silently. The atmosphere was very good today. If it wasn’t for that annoying accident, maybe now they have already decided, but it seems a bit embarrassing after this noise.
Neither of them spoke all the way.