"Then what do you mean?"

"Don’t I mean it?" Zou Chen’s eyes dodged and his ears were slightly red.
My eyes are shooting at him like radar. What the hell does this fellow mean?
He suddenly dragged me to the door and stepped out. "I’m going to be late." He ran away in a panic.
I watched him make a dash for the door, but I couldn’t help giggling. This man became shy after amnesia, but there were still many tricks, hehe … so I can look back and see how I can punish him.
I changed my clothes, drank a glass of water and entered the room. I used to want to see if there was any mail, but I saw that my screensaver was replaced by an advertising photo of me. A long skirt flew and Yang Li was at the seaside. It was a beautiful photo.
I’m thinking about seeing him again at night, and my heart is pounding like a little girl in love.
Zou Chen will come back early in the evening, but I didn’t see him at dinner. He was a little depressed.
After dinner, I took a walk around the villa with Xiao Panpan.
At dinner just now, the master told me a message that Gu Pingjun and Bai Jie really left him a week ago and gave Gu directly to Zou Chen’s office. Recently, Zou Chen has been very busy, and he has to learn from scratch and always comes back late.
I didn’t expect Bai Jie to let go so quickly. Should she realize that she has fallen to this point today?
Allen secretly sent someone to report that Bai Jie had hardly gone out in Gu Gu’s clause recently. It is estimated that he was ashamed to be a failure.
Recently, if Zou Chen wasn’t busy and ignored her, I would really like to find someone to beat her up secretly to relieve my hatred, but it is karma for her to fall in love with a husband in her later years.
I walked with my daughter in a fountain pool behind the villa area and turned around until it was getting dark before I took my daughter back.
Walking to the front of the villa door, I happened to meet Zou Chen and come back to look forward to seeing him. We were a little excited to see him coming out of the garage with a big paper bag in his hand. When he saw my daughter and I coming back from the outside, he was slightly stunned and squatted down to shout for hope.
"I’m looking forward to it. Dad has a gift for you." Now he calls himself dad.
My daughter earned my hand and trotted over, swinging her arms back and forth. That was a joy.
"Look what Dad bought you." Zou Chen pushed the paper bag in front of her daughter. "Does Snow White look forward to knowing her?"
Panpan nodded.
Zou Chen touched her head lightly and glanced at me. Then she took the snow white from the paper bag and hit her face. The snow white body immediately became shiny and colorful, which looked good.
Section 299
"Wow …" My daughter was amazed and looked cute.
You really know how to buy off your daughter.
Zou Chen took the opportunity to pick her up. "Let’s go back and play."
My daughter directly ignored me as a mother, and when she entered the gate, she turned around and called me "Mom, hurry up". Zou Chen also stopped waiting for me.
I’m not a little upset. Now someone has a daughter in mind and thinks about how to please her daughter … Hum, I don’t care at all.
"Didn’t you see a bunch of little dolls in Panpan’s toy room?" I taught people before, "Don’t spoil my daughter."
Zou Chen is in a good mood. It is really rare to have a good temper with a smile and silence.
When he entered the living room, the master came back with Sister Lin to see the three of us together, and the eyes were very vivid. Then Sister Lin went to prepare Zou Chen to eat. He held his daughter on the sofa and wanted to teach her how to use that shiny lamp. That was really too low-level. His daughter didn’t know that his teacher knew similar toys. Former Liu Zhengnan bought it for her.
My master let Zou Chen hold a smile when he saw Panpan. His eyes narrowed and he smiled at me. "This little girl has known how to coax a little girl since she was a child. Now it’s full of tricks. When I saw Panpan, I didn’t let him hold me. I’m still worried. Now it seems that I’m all worried."
My in the mind dark scold turned out to be recruiting little girls from an early age! !
Thank you for rewarding your relatives silently and voting for them all the time! !
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Let him see can’t eat greedy death
Master saw Panpan Ken let Zou Chen hold a smile, and his eyes narrowed with me. "I knew how to coax a little girl since I was a child. Now this trick is full. When I saw Panpan, I didn’t let him hold me. I’m still worried. Now it seems that I’m worrying about it." My heart secretly scolded me for recruiting a little girl from an early age! !
When Zou Chen went to dinner, I put away the’ Snow White’ he bought and took my daughter to the toy room to play with building blocks to read.
If I had come back early the night before, I would have taken half an hour to teach her. Usually, her grandfather would also teach her. Originally, I planned to send her to a pro-class, but she was too young. I still couldn’t bear it. I thought that now that I have it, I can sign up for a pro-class and a small dance class to make her more in touch with children. My personality will be more cheerful.
We were playing with the focus door when someone gently pushed us in from the outside. Zou Chen changed into a casual sweater and came in.
Looking forward to seeing him come in, his big eyes turned into a bend, and the moon picked up a building block and pointed to the word "good"
"Wow, I hope I can read. That’s great!" Zou Chen came to our side and sat on the floor like us.
My daughter was inspired by his boasting of expression and picked up a building block, but this time it was more difficult for her to pick up the building block. She couldn’t remember what to read after reading it for a long time. Then she looked at her father with big eyes blinking.
"Dad showed Panpan a sign," Zou Chen vividly explained. "This word is a kind of flying. They like to fly around the sky every day and sing Panpan. Guess what it is?"
Looking forward to thinking about mumbling "flying high … big bird"
I couldn’t help boasting first and gave Zou Chen a big smiling face. I didn’t expect him to teach quite well.
A man was quite proud and picked a brow at me. "Of course my daughter is smart."
Cut this sentence and I’m not happy.
"That … that you teach her my building to move things" I bite the word "move" very hard.
Zou Chen’s face smiled and froze. "What are you moving?"
I glanced at him lightly and ignored him. He got up and clapped his hands. "I hope to read well."
"Don’t you want to move?" Zou Chen frowned and asked.
I walked to the door and turned to smile. "I don’t want to move, but I can’t help but ask you for your kindness. You have people tidy up the room for me. If you don’t move, it’s not to disappoint your kindness."
Zou Chen grinned and sipped
"Bye-bye" I waved at Panpan and saw a man with a sullen face. I was in a good mood and went out.