Li Xianzhong made such a judgment before he lacked first-hand information-it’s not that he didn’t want to get more reliable information, but they couldn’t get more accurate information

The information sent to spy is fine, and the whistle rides more and comes back with less news. At present, it can also achieve this point. Li Xianzhong clearly noticed that the military consciously responded to Song Jun’s spying
And the effect is very good
Nevertheless, Li Xianzhong feels that he can also analyze the approximate figures, and the rest will be achieved by tactics.
The so-called attack on the enemy will save the place in the art of war is very reasonable. He believes that sending troops to fight Nanyang will inevitably mobilize the army to send troops back. The number of troops is not enough, but it will be loud. It is necessary to create a scene for the army to attack Nanyang and force the army to return.
Taking this opportunity, he will attack Xiangyang again, lift the blockade and destroy the remaining troops, which will turn the tide.
Therefore, although the situation is critical and the enemy is strong, the troops that can be retained in the military battlefield will be 40,000 to 50,000, while Song Jun still has 70,000 main forces and 40,000 defenders in Xiangfan.
110,000 to 50,000, I am superior!
Li Xianzhong decided to believe that his comrades-in-arms could rely on Xiangfan’s strong city to hold on until his support arrived.
So he immediately began to choose "excellent generals" to undertake the attack on Nanyang.
Who is the lucky one?
He chose Wang Chong.
He decided to send Wang Chong to lead 10,000 elite troops to bring their own rations to attack Nanyang, and not to fight with the army to control the city along the way to attack Nanyang.
There should be troops stationed in Nanyang, but the number will not be too large. It is not a problem to raid Nanyang fast enough and unexpectedly.
In that case, we can cut off the army’s retreat and logistics supply lines and cause military chaos
Take Nanyang quickly by the algorithm, then burn, kill and plunder around Nanyang to replenish rations, and then continue to harass and destroy the national production in the north, and then return to Xinyang to end the war.
They don’t need to achieve any important strategic mission, mainly to mobilize the main force of the army to return from Xiangyang, and to achieve this goal is a success.
In order to mobilize as many troops as possible, they also need most flags to make the Chinese the main force in Song Jun to attack Nanyang, forcing the army to return.
He led the main army not to advance for the time being. After the army started to move, he went around Tongbai County in the border area and arrived in Zaoyang to wait for an opportunity to capture Zaoyang. Then he rushed to help Xiangfan defeat the Xiangfan army and the peasant army and lift the siege of Xiangfan.
He thinks that his designed tactics are good, but Wang Chong has a different view on this tactical implementation level.
"It is quite difficult for the general to carry out this time. At the end, he will feel that his ability is not good enough to complete this project smoothly. He also asked the general to choose another good soldier to go."
Ma Junsi, the deputy commander and bodyguard of this March, commanded Wang Chong to recognize his lack of ability to complete this forced March. He hoped that Li Xianzhong could choose a good general to go.
Are you kidding? It’s best to attack Nanyang first, but don’t go north into the hinterland of the country and make a big circle before returning to Xinyang …
Who are you and me? Super brave general?
Or are you and I supposed to be elite troops?
The bodyguard Ma Junsi’s army is an elite, but this elite is not to say that the fighting capacity is strong, but that the quality of the soldiers is good, and they are all young and strong, and there are no old and weak soldiers.
However, fighting also requires combat experience and combat literacy, and soon after the reconstruction, the bodyguard Ma Junsi is relatively lacking.
All the recruits died during training, which means that the soldiers have little combat experience, let alone combat literacy.
Li Xianzhong’s demand is obviously that they March long distances, which is even a forced March. In this case, they bring a group of recruits’ eggs …
This is not to find yourself unhappy?
Maybe I’ll be the only army of one left after running!
It is difficult for Wang Chong to express his difficulties to Li Xianzhong.
"At the end of the general, although most of the soldiers and horses are trained in Qing Zhuang Nai, but they have not been trained for half a year without be adept at’s tactics, they may not be able to carry out such a heavy task for fear of disappointing the general’s entrustment to delay the affairs of state, or hope that the general can choose another good soldier and elite to go."
Li Xianzhong looked at Wang Chong and was very dissatisfied.
"The king’s command makes you not fight to the death with the army, but attract the army to Huiyuan through virtual tension. I don’t need you to defeat the army. I need you to do some damage, even burning and looting, to mobilize the army’s main force to Huiyuan.
I believe that General Wang and his army can do this, and the remaining things will lead his elite main force to complete the fight to the death here. Does General Wang think it is easier to fight to the death with the army? "
It’s not that it’s easier for anyone. He thinks it’s more likely to stay here and fight to the death. It’s possible to go to the country for a windfall to attract the main force of the army, and maybe it will be burned.
It would be hard to come back.
Wang Chong is not stupid, of course, knowing that the two are different.
So he still insisted on resigning.
"Please also ask the general to understand that the recruits will not be strong enough at the end of the year, for fear of delaying state affairs entrusted by the general."
Chapter 12 General SJ thief must hook
Wang Chong’s repeated refusal made Li Xianzhong a little angry.
I’m the head coach. What are you doing if you don’t obey my orders?
Li Xianzhong turned black and was very dissatisfied.
"This is a military order. The military commander violates the commander’s request. Do you know what responsibility to bear?"
Wang Chong immediately asked Li Xianzhong for mercy with a bitter face.
"The general also asked the general to understand that the late generals are not timid, but that they have to take on the responsibility of attracting troops to return to their divisions. The late generals will consciously fail for fear of disrupting the general’s plan, and also asked the general to understand!"
At this time, there are still many people in the military account who look at Li Xianzhong and feel that Wang Chong deliberately does not want to go to war for fear of death and damage his prestige.
How can we establish the majesty of the Lord if the first military order after the Lord is withdrawn because of Wang Chong’s timidity? How can you command the army?
This Wang Chong doesn’t talk about politics at all! I don’t care about the face of my Lord!
Bastard! Sure enough, the imperial background is not a heart with me!
Li Xianzhong was furious.
"What is the battlefield against military orders field Wang Chong you should be white! Now I will give you two choices: first, lead the army to attack and then return safely, be rewarded with meritorious service and enjoy endless wealth! The second disobedience is not respected by military orders. You choose! "
Two options are placed in front of Wang Chong, and if Wang Chong’s IQ is normal, he will know that he has no choice.
And Li Xianzhong obviously has the motive force to kill him to shock people’s hearts, and he will definitely do so.
He was afraid, sad and resentful, and finally he was able to break his teeth and swallow the orders in his stomach.
"At the end of the will yes! Absolutely completed! "
"So good! Get ready to go out immediately! The soldiers are very expensive, and the friendly forces in Xiangfan may not last long! It would be more than just a few words of scolding if the plane was delayed and the plan was damaged.
In addition, considering that you do have some difficulties, you will be given 100 war horses to help you finish this time. You must try your best not to have any omissions, otherwise no one can save you with military methods. "
Li Xianzhong finally gave Wang Chong a threat for fear that he would not try his best to finish this.
Wang Chong didn’t even succeed in finally asking Li Xianzhong for a little support from Li Xianzhong’s elite soldiers.
A hundred horses?
Wang Chong knew that 100 horses were really not a small sum for the army in the Southern Song Dynasty. After the horses were introduced into the monopolized country and sold to them, the stallion Song Jun horses really belonged to non-renewable resources and consumed a lot of resources.
If you are unlucky in a war, you can consume one-third or two-fifths of the prepared horses. This consumption rate makes 200% of the 10,000 troops deployed to Li Xianzhong this time.
This is the Privy Council’s special mercy and special care for Li Xianzhong.
He wants some cavalry, but when he arrives, there are also more than 200 cavalry and 100 extra horses to scrape together 300 cavalry. Maybe he can protect him from the desperate escape after the tactical execution fails.
Now Wang Chong has no other way to lead 10,000 troops.
After Wang Chong’s departure, Li Xianzhong ordered the army to broadcast the news that [the army commander sent 50,000 soldiers to attack Nanyang to realize the tactics of besieging Wei and saving Zhao] and it was necessary to let all the army know.
Some cronies feel that it is unnecessary to do so and it is easy to leak information. Li Xianzhong shook his head and smiled unfathomable.
"Since before the war, let’s send spies to come back more and less. What does this say? Said the army was good at counter-spying, and most of the people we sent were dead
Since they are so good at counter-spying, they must be good at spying and must know that our army has arrived here, so we might as well take this opportunity to tell them directly whether they want to save Nanyang. "
Department immediately white Li Xianzhong eye but at the same time there are some doubts.