Yip hon can’t help but sigh "that can wait"

"Yeah, I wish it were faster. Aliens can’t wait for us." Gao Kai said with anxiety.
Yip hon looked at him. "There’s still a lot of time. Why don’t you go home and have a look?"
"Don’t back to the fleet without me …"
"Don’t be so narcissistic, okay? Do you really think that the fleet can’t live without you? Listen to me. When I get back, I’d better find a way to get my sister-in-law. "
Gao Kai wry smile "when I didn’t think of you? Your sister-in-law doesn’t want her to be an ordinary person who doesn’t want to be too. "
"What about children? Not even? "
"That little skin has always ignored their NianLia. I don’t know what to do there. It’s not peaceful these days. I’m going to send him to the army." Gao Kai sighed. "How can I find a way to arrange for him to be in the future depends on himself?"
It’s not a problem for Gao Kai to arrange a female root, and Gao Kai is still in the promotion stage, and maybe he can be promoted to lieutenant general in the future. Even an idiot can be a dude with food and clothing.
I just don’t want to see the children abolished, and then there will be war and fighting soldiers. Although this profession is dangerous, it is still a bright future.
"It’s good to send troops to exercise. Where are you going to arrange him?"
"If you haven’t decided whether it’s high or low, you can’t send it to the army for a while. If he has that thing, it would be better to find a way to transfer it to the moon or the fleet." Gao Kai said.
That being said, Gao Kai knows his height too well, and his confidence is not enough.
Ye Han said, "The army won’t help?"
Gao Kai smiled and shook his head. "If you can’t go according to the normal procedure, it’s not too late to find it again when you can’t get through … Do you look down on me and can’t arrange it with my skin?"
"I didn’t say that. I said I didn’t dare to say that I could arrange it anywhere after I entered the army."
"I thank you first, but I can’t. My children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren’s blessings. I’ll give him a ride. It’s up to him." Gao Kai was somewhat lost and relieved.
Chapter 121 Is the Lord coming
Yip hon sigh is really a pity for parents. "That’s fine. Let me know if there’s anything."
"Can I be polite to you?" Gao Kai hammered Yip Han with a smile.
Yip hon can dodge "don’t touch me. I’ve already finished the fusion, and you can’t keep up with me."
Gao Kai angrily accused "you wait for me to finish the integration!"
"Afraid of you?" Yip hon a face of provocation, "I’m afraid of you a chair?"
Both of them are commanders of front-line troops, but their positions are qualitatively different. Yip Han often takes troops to talk with alien forces about the level of individual warfare. Even if Gao Kai is integrated, he will be a long way from Yip Han.
"What’s the matter with the chair? What happened to the chair? " Gao Kai was filled with indignation. "If you have something to do, you can fight with my battleship!"
Yip hon can’t laugh or cry. "Can you be a little more ashamed?"
"I’m ashamed of my pride. What can you do?"
"I killed me, can’t I?" Yip hon really can’t learn to take the initiative to change the subject to this one. "Let’s go back to the base and it’s not easy to meet together, and it’s even harder to call old comrades-in-arms late …"
"Wait a minute what call me shout? Will you come back first? "
Yip hon grinned. "I came back first. The problem is that South Moon Island and North Moon Island, where our division is stationed, are your fleet sites. I’m just staying here temporarily. Are you embarrassed to let me host?"
"What’s so embarrassed about this? I can’t ask! "
"But I’m embarrassed to steal your thunder!" Yip hon very koo-aid TanTan hand "I can’t let everyone see a joke?"
"I really don’t mind if everyone laughs casually!"
"Don’t mind, don’t mind. Why are you always so duplicitous!"
"I’m what I look like. You seldom destroy me!"
"A horse doesn’t know the shortcomings of its face. This thing can only be seen by others. It’s normal for you not to know that you have this problem."
"I am your sister!"
"Ha ha ha ….." Ye Hanhuai laughed and finally moved back to a city!
Diamond cut diamond, the two men, fought happily for a long time before they stopped looking at the meal, and then called the old comrades separately.
Everyone in Beiyuezhou arrived as quickly as possible except for a few who failed to make it.