"I don’t know," the dean said. "It has a special constitution. It may save the population at one place or another."

"I don’t think it’s possible," said the bug. "But do you think it should be tried?"
"No," said the imam, "let it test … what effect fungi will have on it, but if it can save its own population …"
"I don’t want that to happen. Random monsters should make themselves strong to fight."
Chapter five hundred and eleven The decisive battle
The earth is burning …
The sky has been covered with thick smoke …
"Blow them off!"
The glory of war is eroding the fungus field.
The general has launched a surface attack on the fungus area, and there are many giant shadows flying over the earth with huge fighter planes flying over the sky and dropping several explosive bombs, while the jet igniter flies over the building and burns wildly at all the white targets here.
Sky battleship watched the fungus area dissipate bit by bit.
"General, all the troops are in position. They have attacked everywhere!"
"Very well …"
The general in the command room looked at his army. It divided the army into five parts and invaded from different positions in the fungus area. All they had to do was burn the place clean and then let the sea water take everything away …
This looks very simple, so the general brought the combat command of the troops who had participated in the brain spirit war, including five general warships, while other troops were pure armies, including various aircraft and bombers, and many flying mechs.
These mecha are newly developed individual combat weapons, although they have existed before, but these flying abilities are the strongest. At the same time, they can’t do some things that fighters can’t do, for example, they help the virtual army fly into the depths of the fungus field.
Maser missiles, buildings covered with fungi collapsed, and a huge army slowly flew through the sky in the fire. This army is called the’ forward force’ team, as their name suggests, and they are the troops that have invaded the deepest place.
"Look at the smoke rising from burning …"
The captain of the warship was holding a bottle of drink. While enjoying the explosion of enemy territory, he said slowly, "These things have no resistance at all, and we will burn them up soon …"
"But the captain" announcer sounded up. "The general told us to pay attention to those things. I don’t know what they will do."
"Are you worried about what a bunch of mushrooms will do?" The captain laughed. "Look at our steel-molded spacecraft and they are still crawling slowly on the ground. This is the gap between us and them …"
At the moment when the captain said that, a thick smoke suddenly rose from the ground, accompanied by dazzling fire and covered with fungi. The street exploded and a large number of stones and debris spilled high.
"It seems that the mecha units have blown up a street again." The captain looked at the picture and smiled. "These fungi can be hidden."
"But Captain!" Announcer tense sound up; "The mecha didn’t come out!"
"What?" Captain one leng, it seems that he didn’t notice that the street was really blown up, but he went to put the bomb mecha troops … and didn’t come back.
"What happened? They have no report! " As soon as the captain spoke, he found that the picture "pa" disappeared and was replaced by a line of words "surrender"
"Those fungi interfere with our signal!" The announcer said, "Captain, we have to evacuate first and then …"
"That’s not necessary," said the captain. "I’ve heard that they will do such a thing. Blowing everything in this area will definitely blow up things that interfere with signals … What are you waiting for? Hurry up! "
The captain’s words didn’t receive a response. When he wondered if the signal was disturbed again, he suddenly saw …
The picture in front of the captain was restored, and at the same time, there was a violent explosion. In front of it, there was a bombing flying next to the warship, and a lot of smoke came out of the fuselage. As soon as it lost control, it swooped to the ground, and the whole fighter plane melted into smoke for a while.
"What? We are under attack! " The captain hurriedly cried, "What is the attack …"
There was another sound, and this time the whole warship shook with a jerk.
"That’s … in a military facility …" The captain clearly saw that the warship shaking attack came from a military facility in the distance.
There are many such facilities in this city. Of course, they were abandoned after being covered by fungi, but all kinds of weapons in them were left behind and just hit them. They were a warship with a missile chariot. The captain could not see that the car had a driver, but it had just been launched.
The reason why these weapons were not taken away was mainly because the base had been infected and it was difficult to transport them at that time. Besides, weapons were the most important thing for virtual people, and the most important thing was an idea …
How can fungi know about those weapons attacks?
The sound of missiles flying across the sky rang again, and dozens of flashes came from all over the surrounding buildings.
"Are they ready to ambush us everywhere?" The captain saw that a large number of chariots suddenly appeared in the area covered with fungi in those pictures, and those chariots were also covered with fungi. They were well hidden.
But mainly … Virtual people fleet root won’t think they will be attacked by this kind of thing.
Cried vigorously, "quick defense! Defense! ! !”
Bang, bang, bang-and this time the captain’s voice got a response. The ship’s installed guns fired at dozens of missiles that flew and flashed, and then even three of them exploded. At the same time, the fighters around the warship were scattered at the same time, and they bombed all the directions in which they flew.
"Boom-"The captain breathed a sigh of relief when he looked at those hidden chariots that were blown up.
"Blow this area away!"
The captain ordered the fighters to disperse and the warships aimed at the surrounding urban areas. The sky was showered with barrage rain and everything dissipated in the flames.
The captain thought it would be like this, but …
A strange sound made it stare at the picture and saw a tall building in the distance and flew out of a huge creature.
The creature roared and crashed into a fighter plane that flew right there.
The fighter pilot seems to have just reacted. He hurriedly maneuvered the fighter to try to hide, but this creature still hit it. Suddenly, the whole fighter, together with the creature, exploded in the sky, mixed with sparks and a lot of liquid substances, and rained down on the earth.
"What is that?"
The captain found that this question was not caused by it. Almost all fighter pilots made similar sounds and saw a large number of flying creatures flying out of the surrounding buildings and surrounded the whole army in an instant.
These creatures are nearly 20 meters long, and they have huge wings, and their body color and covered with hyphae mean that they are a fungal creature.
But it’s the first time for Xu Min, a fungus with such a big body, to see it.
After all, there has never been such a big flying creature in the virtual world, so these creatures come from the so-called’ flying dragon’ creatures called pompoms