If the sea creatures come into contact with the light beam, they will instantly melt into ashes … So the sea creatures were frightened and fled at that time.

Lin learned from multiple biological memories that the database also "countered" these beams.
The sea surface is constantly surging, and they form huge waves, water cannons or … waterspouts.
These liquid attacks are constantly rushing to the sky, which seems to be an attack on the enemy.
It’s a pity that these sea creatures can’t see what Chutian is.
Lynn thinks it should be a black object that is much bigger than the database in general.
I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s a bigger bus or something.
This biological attack is mainly to make light beams … which should be a very hot substance.
Its light beam is like a spear, and the rain keeps falling on the database, trying to plunge into the depths of the ocean.
And the database seawater attack … makes Lin feel like a satellite.
It should not attack in this way. Maybe it did something else. Don’t attack.
That’s all you can see if you are a marine creature.
Finally ending this battle is a huge’ blade’
To be exact, it’s a handful … Looking across the whole day, it’s glittering. Lin thinks it should be longer than the database.
It may be made of the same material as those beams, but it is much bigger.
When I saw this’ blade’, it seemed that all marine life was … stunned.
Many marine life then swam frantically to the deep sea.
But there are also some creatures … there is a’ despair’ mood.
They think that the world is over, and there is no need to hide anywhere, so they continue to look at the sea.
Lin just detected the memory of a desperate creature at that time, which was very similar to that of a half-human and a fish. Lin also’ played’ a similar creature before.
At that time, it saw a huge blade chopping at the database on the sea surface.
The whole ocean … shook.
The sea water seems to be completely divided by this giant blade, and its database has left a trench across the whole world.
Of course, this is also Lin’s guess. In fact, when the blade came, the watching creature was swept to some unknown place because of the huge waves.
It’s … it’s still alive.
And then it just watched the database fall into … freezing.
Chapter three thousand one hundred Frozen
"The world … is frozen."
The huge’ blade’ split into the sea.
It cut the sea … cut the world.
Then the war was over.
Because of the darkness, the darkness disappeared … and the ocean gradually became calm.
When we say’ calm’ here, we mean that the ocean is frozen.
This freezing is amazing. It seems to appear in the deep sea at first … and then it freezes.
I don’t know what happened in the database at that time, but marine life can be driven away constantly.
When there is no escape, it is frozen, while when there is escape, it finally reaches the frozen sea surface.
This group of creatures can adapt to the frozen environment … but many of them are fish-shaped and not suitable for activities in places without water, so they don’t live.
Others have the ability to move. They wander around the ice sheet and continue to look for information, granular food.
They lived on the surface for dozens of days and nights, and then Lin found that some creatures had found the entrance to the underground cave
They don’t like surface activities very much, and most surface wandering creatures have entered underground caves.
What’s more amazing is the caves. When they went in, it was almost what Lin looked like now.
It’s very big and there are frozen buildings and flying machines everywhere. What?
These creatures found the frozen building, their … nest and lived a hard life.
At first, there were this group of creatures left over from the’ marine age’, but later there were many terrestrial creatures in the caves.
That is, Lin saw those creatures that looked like brainiacs.
They attack the original marine species and attack each other, and the main reason why marine species can compete with them seems to be … eating particles.
Lin found many data particles here after they entered the underground cave.