These creatures have fallen into holes in their bodies, but they also wonder about the corpse eater.

It has no hole and is too big to get into other holes.
When this series of changes happened, Lin also noticed that there was a cluster of green light in the virtual satellite.
Several buildings of the satellite emitted a green light to the mouth of the’ light curtain’.
Then it converge into a bigger and bigg ball of light.
When that ball of light expand to about the size of the mouth, it flies toward the seventh tumble.
At the same time, the seventh roller is making a huge … mouth on the surface of the satellite.
This place used to be a plain, but now there is a huge pothole
And there are a lot of aircraft in the hole … fly out.
These aircraft are tens of meters in size and look like … missiles.
The shells look like rocks, but in fact, they also seem to be composed of various rock structures.
But the most important thing is that there is one less creature in each aircraft.
Include those creatures that look like virtual people just now.
They just arrive at the ground, take the plane and transport it here to be launched.
A large number of aircraft fly to the location of the satellite.
And the satellite photosphere is also coming in this direction
The two sides soon met … head-on.
But they didn’t hit each other. These aircraft flew around the ball of light.
But at the moment they passed, Lynn noticed that the green ball scattered a few rays.
The rays accurately blasted every aircraft.
But the photosphere also dissipates due to the emitted rays.
The first collision between the two sides ended like this.
But it seems that there will be a second time soon
Because Lin found … The seventh tumbling seems to launch all creatures except the corpse eater.
Chapter three thousand seventy-four Research
There are many things colliding in the void.
Mainly green balls of light … and many flying machines.
One creature after another was loaded into the aircraft and then launched into space.
Then they collided with the light ball emitted by the satellite.
Lynn feels that these balls of light are not attacks but interceptions.
Because every time it explodes when a large number of aircraft approach … it scatters a lot of light to intercept these aircraft.
The aircraft will try to approach the satellite around the photosphere.
The two sides kept fighting, and most of the aircraft were intercepted, but Lin still found a few close to … satellites.
When these aircraft approach the satellite, they will slow down and land on the’ light curtain’ that wraps the satellite steadily.
Then the creatures inside will come out and their’ light curtain’ will crawl slowly.
Lin thinks they look very leisurely, but the most important thing is that the buildings in the satellite didn’t attack them.
Lynn thought those satellites should be able to light the curtain at will and then attack the creatures on the surface, but they didn’t.
What’s interesting is that these creatures who landed on the light screen … are all engaged in a fierce’ ideological struggle’.
They are constantly wandering around the screen, while their brains are constantly thinking about something.
Lin has tested the memory of some creatures’ brains. Lin found that they all think and imagine that they are constantly fighting with’ strong enemies’
This formidable enemy is a slightly stronger creature that looks exactly like themselves.
Strong enemies in their minds, they are constantly fighting each other. Usually, these creatures will be suppressed by their own imaginary strong enemies, but they will also constantly imagine themselves to make various skills defeat this strong enemy.
But even so, their brain enemies are very difficult to deal with.
Lynn found that some creatures … were directly defeated by powerful enemies, and then they died.
Actually, it’s not too dead, that is, their brains will stop working when they are defeated
While some creature have successfully defeated their powerful enemy of brain imagination.
These imaginary enemies are defeated in an instant … Lin found something interesting, that is, their satellites … some buildings will collapse in an instant.
It’s like most of the structures in the department are suddenly taken away, and the whole building is broken for a short time.
Satellites will repair these broken buildings as usual … but as before, their repair speed is much slower than the construction speed.
Moreover, some buildings have been destroyed by golden spheres, and the reconstruction speed of these buildings is even slower
Then these light curtain creatures will come up with a strong enemy again and continue to try to defeat it
Lynn thinks this is very interesting
It seems that these creatures’ imagination’ is directly related to satellite buildings, causing them harm.
This is indeed possible.
Because from the control center, Lin can know that this satellite and the whole star "miracle system" are closely linked …
It is therefore possible for the center to control the other side in turn.
And these creatures that launched in the past are relay classes of arrival control signals.
But it’s amazing what makes these creatures relay signals.
Moreover, the interception ability of satellites to these creatures is very limited.
It can do some damage to those flying aircraft.
And the satellite has never attacked … these creatures that fall on its surface.