Tianyang Angry Yu also changed the original step-by-step strategy and directly announced to the scavenger city through confrontation with Wang Lingjun that there will be a fourth day order powerhouse in this city from now on.

And then he will be tough to get rid of Al-Hoin, and only by this means can he deter gangsters, so that all those who make their own ideas should weigh their own weight before acting and consider whether they can withstand their anger afterwards.
Only in this way can he protect his cherished people, so when Wang Lingjun asked for a duel, Tianyang didn’t refuse, on the contrary, he had to strike a blow to determine the winner.
It was shocking enough to defeat Wang Lingjun neatly, so when Wang Lingjun reached the top of the sword, he made a qualitative’ war seizure’ and took away part of Wang Lingjun’s strength, thus achieving his scheduled goal and becoming famous in World War I!
In the manor of members of parliament territory
There is a screen in front of Tianyang, and on the other side is the secret Lv An, the minister of Ares Fort Ann.
"Long time no see. How are you recently, Senator Tianyang?"
On the screen, Lv An smiles and greets and curiously looks at a few mihoc who is tied up with a cloth ball in his mouth.
Tianyang’s face didn’t smile and he said somberly, "Not so good, Lu Mi."
Lu’ an felt abnormal and quickly asked, "What happened?"
Tianyang made a sign and Redding pushed mihoc to the screen. The day before yesterday, Yang Shen said, "Just yesterday, Al Huoyin sent someone to assassinate my young girl. After the incident was revealed, he was sheltered by Wang Lingjun, the’ just’ in the scavenger city."
"I just got him back from Wang Lingjun."
Lv An immediately took a puff of air conditioning "al hoyne? Are they crazy? "
Suddenly hearing this amazing news, Lu Anding felt a thrill. At that time, Tianyang suppressed the settlement No.12, and he still vividly remembered the style of running over the whole settlement and driving Victor away, which left Lu An with a deep impression.
Now Al-Hoin sent someone to assassinate Tianyang’s daughter, which is obviously revenge. He killed Victor, and Lu An knew Tianyang well. The young senator would never stop just after dealing with the murderer.
It’s more likely to declare war on Al Hoin directly!
Furthermore, Tianyang just released a very important message in a few short sentences!
The Al-Hoin killer was sheltered by Wang Lingjun, a’ just man’, but this young congressman just got his man back!
How to come back?
Lv An even if you are stupid, you know that Wang Lingjun will never be good enough to tell a fact from the shape of the strong hand in day order.
At present, this young Member of Parliament may already be a strong man in day order. After all, he has previously combined into a set of seven-level media!
These thoughts flashed through Lu An’s mind, and the minister immediately adjusted his attitude and position. "What are you going to do about Senator Tianyang?"
"No matter what you decide, please believe that the fortress of Mars must be on your side!"
He was sure that Huo Hanshan, the duke, would also say that he decided like himself, because the young man on the other side of the screen not only saved the fortress of Mars, but also because he was a strong man in day order.
More because he was invited by Lin Jianbing!
That said, even the members of the Golden Chamber of the Lord of Glory Castle are optimistic about him.
His potential, his vision must surpass an Al-Hoin!
It’s clear which side of the war castle is in this matter.
Mihoc couldn’t believe his ears when he heard Lv An’s words. Even though it was well known that El Hoin had been cut off in the fortress of Mars, he still had a falling out with that family all the time.
But now Lv An means it seems that the young senator in front of him wants him to break with Al Hoin completely!
Mihoc has some regrets.
If Anna had asked him to do it, he would have informed Victor immediately. Maybe it would be a different situation now.
It’s a pity that now he regrets it.
He’s not afraid that Al-Horne will abandon himself, but he’s more worried that Victor will be bad for Anna. After all, Anna acted privately, and now her actions have brought disaster to Al-Horne!
Hearing Lv An’s words, Tianyang nodded slightly. "Then please inform the Lord of Huocheng that I will go to Fort Ares and El Hoin to settle all this."
As soon as Lv An’s heart reached his throat, he nodded, "I’ll go right away."
End of communication
Reading sink a way "boss how to deal with this guy? In my opinion, it’s better to chop up and feed the dog. It’s inhuman for this damn thing to have to go to such a child! "
The sun looked coldly at mihoc and personally took out the cloth in his mouth and said, "Now I give you two choices. One is to let me send you back to the Ares Castle and give it to El Hoin. The other is to join me and tell me all the secrets you know about El Hoin. Then I will let you go if you are still alive after the war between me and El Hoin."
Looking at Tianyang, there is almost no temperature in his eyes. mihoc bit his teeth and said, "If an adult wants you to promise me one thing, I will tell you that Al Huo will fight you for all the secrets, and I can also tell you to die."
"I beg adults to spare a person and a woman. She is a poor mother who has lost a child. Her name is Anna and she is Victor’s wife."
Tianyang squinted slightly. "Did she send you to assassinate me?"
Mihoc bowed his head "Yes!"
Tianyang asked without expression, "This is not a good idea. I’m curious how you did it?"
Mihoc sighed, "I like that she was, is and will be."
Tianyang shook his head and said, "If that’s the case, you have to prepare for her revenge."
Mihoc leng.
Tianyang light way "since Wang Lingjun gave you to me, I naturally need to explain to Al Huoyin"
Mihok sat down with a shock.
If Wang Lingjun informs Al-Huon that his assassination failed, old Joan will naturally know that Anna did it privately. Will Al-Huon let her go?
Mihoc dare not want to go again.
Victor is walking quickly to his father’s room in El Hoin manor. He has just been informed that his father wants to see him.
Just outside the house, he met Gail’s second brother.
Gail came over and whispered, "I told you you shouldn’t spoil Anna too much. Something’s wrong now!" "
Victor was shocked and asked, "What is it?"
"Go in, my father will tell you that I have to get ready for a war!" Gail walked away quickly.
Victor took a deep breath and pushed the door with both hands.
He saw his father’s window in the room. Old Jones was no longer young, but his back was still straight and he didn’t want to lose to time.
Victor bowed his head and whispered, "Father?"
Seems to be some trance old Jones didn’t react with white hair at this moment. He didn’t turn around and looked at the garden outside the window with blue-gray eyes. "Wang Lingjun of the garbage collector city just contacted me."
Victor leng "the’ just’? What did he say? "
Old Jones turned around and said, "He told me that our Al-Huon failed to assassinate the daughter of the young member of the Thunder Parliament. He has already killed us. Al-Huon has made a sword, and now the assassin we sent has been taken away by the member."
Victor lost his way. "Which assassin? I didn’t ask anyone to assassinate me! "
Old Jon looked at his son intently. "The assassin was mihoc, and it was your wife Anna Gail who ordered others to find out."
Victor suddenly came over in vain when he was shocked. "Father, please leave Anna alone. She made such a mistake because she lost her child."
Old Jones didn’t respond but said, "Victor, do you also think that I don’t want to avenge your child? No, I want to, but it’s not time for us to prepare when we need it, but because of your wife’s regret, we don’t seem to have time to prepare. "
"There is a way for you to hand over Anna so that the senator has no excuse to declare war on us, so that we can probably stall for a while."
Chapter 1215 Secret
Hearing that his father was going to hand over his wife, Victor sank, "Father, there must be another way! By the way, we can ask the fortress to come forward … "
Old Jon’s voice suddenly rose. "Think about who asked the senator to take over our mine and the settlement is Huohan Mountain!" "