But then it was it … that calmed the world.

Chapter three thousand seventeen Desire
"Do you really pursue peace? Do you really want peace to come? "
This guy who claim to be that’ God’ who made this world is also an amber creature.
To be precise, it is the creator who controls those amber substances to form creatures.
It told visitors, that is, those peaceful creatures from Tengman Tumbler, that it had a solution.
These peace lovers didn’t believe in this’ God’ at first, but’ God’ gave them a way to make them feel … It seems to be very effective.
What peaceful creatures got at that time was amber substance control technology.
With this technology, they can control amber substances on the surface at will, whether they are used to make weapons or armies.
Finally, these peaceful creatures who learned control methods returned to their cities … and popularized this technology.
The war that has been locked in a stalemate has instantly fallen to this group of peaceful creatures because of the addition of this technology.
Although peaceful biological control technology can’t directly control amber creatures, they can control the armies of amber creators that are no longer active.
Controlling this army, they easily defeated amber creatures, destroyed their cities and destroyed their race.
Peaceful creatures are very disgusted with amber creatures, which can’t feel emotions. They think it’s not a creature.
So they were trying hard to destroy all amber creatures.
Although these peaceful creatures don’t like war, they don’t dislike killing.
They don’t like the kind of war that will bring them pain if they are evenly matched, but they still like it … or enjoy it if they are at the end of their advantage and can slaughter the enemy at will.
In the end, they decided not to destroy amber creatures.
When peaceful creatures occupy the surface environment, they multiply on a large scale and establish their capitals.
Because of the large amount of amber in this process, the city built is no longer like Tengman as it used to be, but a new style
Of course, peace, biological hedonism has not changed, and most buildings are for entertainment
Together with those amber creatures that they defeated, they established a number of’ isolation zones’.
The purpose of keeping these amber creatures is to satisfy their desire to kill.
Although peaceful creatures will also make some entertainment that is useful for fighting and killing …
But they never do that in reality, because of their ability, they can’t kill a real creature.
In fact, even if they see a dead creature, their organs will react immediately … or imagine how miserable the creature was before he died.
This is also the main reason why they love peace.
But they have no such feelings for amber creatures. They don’t feel the pain of amber creatures … and they will feel happy when they are killed or tortured.
So they leave amber creatures mainly for various recreational activities, such as abusing and playing or hunting.
There are also some individuals who really sympathize with amber creatures, but they are rare.
Moreover, when amber creatures are killed, their happy organs will react, and it is difficult for peaceful creatures to really refuse this happiness.
For amber creatures, this day is like … hell.
They watched the peaceful biological city grow slowly while they were constantly abused and tortured.
At that time, the most popular form of torture was crystallization of pain.
Crystals of pain are found in some environments of peaceful creatures, and they find that these things will make creatures feel pain.