At the same time, Xuanxing found that his real yuan had brought some trouble to Hua Yu Xian Zun. At this time, he was driving away the strange energy of the body. He didn’t care about himself, and he could move it directly after his body was normal!

XuanXing didn’t hesitate to pick a direction and move away directly …
"Huh?" Hua Yu Xian Zun couldn’t help but be surprised that Xuanxing didn’t die and was able to move away after being hit by himself.
Hua Yu Xian Zun immediately chased him. Although Xuanxing scored his own body energy, which was overbearing and highly corrosive, his own body energy was driven by God’s power, and finally the strange energy was successfully driven out of the body. However, Hua Yu Xian Zun also spent a lot of effort.
Fairy gods are more powerful than Xuanxing, who has appeared dozens of star fields at this time, but he still can’t escape his own exploration.
"Hum!" Hua Yu Xian Zun snorted. His figure gradually disappeared …
After launching the second type of basic sword, Xuan Xing Zhen Yuan immediately reduced by two layers, and was injured by Zhou Qing before, and now he was hit by Hua Yu Xian Zun. At this time, Xuan Xing can exert half his strength at most!
Although Xuanxing can mobilize the body elements to move and attack, whenever the body elements are moved, it will affect his own injury. During the movement, Xuanxing’s mouth constantly spits out blood and his physical injury is getting worse.
At this time, Xuanxing appeared a desolate planet. After several moves, Xuanxing has come to nearly a hundred star fields.
"I don’t know if I can get rid of his pursuit," thought XuanXing. At this time, I was almost unable to support myself. Most of the body tendons were seriously injured and I had to close my wounds as soon as possible …
"Do you want to escape?" Hua Yu Xian Zun suddenly appeared in front of Xuanxing, but when he looked behind Xuanxing, his face changed, but instantly returned to normal.
"hmm?" Xuanxing naturally looks at the change of the expression of the feather fairy statue. Is there anything in the rear?
However, Hua Yu Xian Zun may attack his Xuanxing at any time and dare not be distracted to explore the rear.
"Can’t escape? Then you are ready to die! " The Excalibur in Hua Yu Xian Zun reappeared in his hand and stabbed Xuanxing rapidly!
"Bastard!" XuanXing dark scold a way to endure severe pain to move to the rear!
Hua Yu Xian Zun can’t help but look surprised. This Xuanxing actually has the ability to move. It seems that he is too underestimate him.
Xuanxing’s injury has long been seen by the immortal statue of Hua Yu. It seems that Xuanxing has lost his ability to escape, so he has not controlled the surrounding area.
Although XuanXing performance some amazing, but the feather fairy statue is still sure to kill him easily and immediately the feather fairy statue is ready to recover from XuanXing.
However, when Xuanxing was found to have moved in a different direction, the feather fairy could not help but frown "desperate …" After thinking about it, he still chased Xuanxing.
When Xuanxing reappeared, there was a gray planet and there was a faint gray energy around him. Xuanxing felt that this energy was similar to the cyan energy of Gangfeng barrier, but this gray energy seemed to be more overbearing.
"… what is this place?" Xuanxing suddenly found this gray planet in the front, and this gray gas was everywhere in the emptiness.
"The celestial despair!" Xuanxing suddenly remembered that there was a desperate description of terror, and the gray energy covered thousands of star fields-death!
"This is the celestial despair?" Xuanxing felt that this desperate situation was not as horrible as what he said. At least he didn’t feel any discomfort, but he had a cordial feeling about the gray energy.
"seasoned road" Hua Yu xian Zun appeared in front of Xuanxing again, but at this time, Hua Yu xian Zun had a pale gold energy cover around him, which seemed unwilling to let the gray energy around him approach him.
"So that’s it." Xuanxing suddenly understood that this celestial despair was frightened by this gray energy and his planet was on the edge of despair, but Hua Yu Xian Zun was so cautious.
"Opportunity …" Xuanxing couldn’t help feeling a little excited. This is definitely a dangerous place for his immortal.
But I am not afraid of this kind of energy. I should be able to enter the depths of despair! So as to get rid of the pursuit of the feather fairy
Hua Yu Xian Zun doesn’t know about this. It seems that the immortal will die if he steps into the depths of despair! Including what he doesn’t believe that XuanXing can live in the depths of despair.
"Hum!" The Excalibur in the hands of Hua Yu Xian Zun attacked Xuanxing again. He is going to get rid of Xuanxing quickly and vent his hatred!
Because of the huge losses of the three factions of Xuanxing, it is not only the fix true world!
Just now my three factions lost five immortal emperors! At the same time, Hua Yu Xian Zun can’t help blaming himself. If he had come to the three schools earlier, he wouldn’t have damaged the five immortals.
The real feather fairy statue set off immediately after receiving the news, but Xuanxing and others only took a few breaths from meeting to fighting and Xuanxing launched an attack!
But these don’t make you hate XuanXing so much! Because XuanXing’s own daughter just sits there all day like she lost her soul …
When the attack of Hua Yu Xian Zun arrived, Xuanxing had already launched the removal technique and successfully moved away to the depths of the desperate situation.
However, XuanXing was still attacked by the immortal statue of Hua Yu …
"Alas ….." The feather fairy statue can’t help sighing that she hit Xuanxing again just now. The feather fairy statue is quite sure about this. I’m afraid he is already dead at this time.
But even if he is alive for a while, he won’t live long, because Xuanxing moved to the depths of despair and went to the celestial world. I haven’t heard of anyone who can come out alive.
Although Hua Yu Xian Zun wants to explore the position of Xuanxing with the help of gods, there is that kind of gray energy everywhere in the desperate situation, and his contact with gods will be seriously hurt, especially in the depths of the desperate situation.
Hua Yu Xian Zun cast a glance into the depths of despair and then moved away from …
The three sects suffered huge losses, and he had to go back to deal with them. This made the feather fairy statue have a headache. There were only four immortals left in the three super sects …
At this time, Xuanxing was lying on the ground in a big shape, but he was not dead or unconscious, but looked at the gray emptiness with his eyes open.
Although XuanXing didn’t pass out in a coma, his body injury was so serious that it was difficult for him to move.
"I don’t know if he’s still chasing …" Xuanxing still doesn’t let himself go.
After about a cup of tea, Xuanxing didn’t find the feather fairy chasing straight. At this time, Xuanxing completely relaxed.
Just now, XuanXing didn’t look around because of his nervousness, and now he can finally explore it carefully.
Xuanxing immediately released his immortal knowledge.
Suddenly XuanXing felt a headache, and suddenly a needle-like feeling came to his mind.
Xuanxing immediately withdrew his immortal knowledge and carefully checked it again. He found that his immortal knowledge was not hurt, but he felt a pain.
Since his immortal knowledge was not harmed, Xuanxing carefully released the immortal knowledge again, but this time it was a small part and narrowed the scope of exploration to hundreds of meters around.
Suddenly, the scene of 100 meters around me shows my mind. There is no life here, and there is a strong gray energy everywhere.
Xuanxing suddenly found that this energy is pouring into his body at a slow speed …
Volume Super God Beast
Chapter 26 Lost Soul Beads?
Sink the immortal knowledge into the body and carefully examine the gray energy.
When the gray energy enters one’s veins, one’s purple true element will be wrapped immediately and try to refine it.
But the gray energy seems unwilling to be tamed, and it constantly resists. Suddenly, the gray and purple energy themselves play a seesaw battle.
Xuanxing found that this kind of gray energy gangfeng barrier has the same properties, and they are extremely destructive and corrosive.
But this gray energy is more overbearing and seems to be a level higher than that of cyan energy.
Although this kind of gray energy is more advanced, the gray energy entering one’s own body is a small part, and one’s own truth is better than a large amount. In the end, these gray energies are tamed by one’s own truth
At this point XuanXing finally convinced that this gray energy really can’t hurt yourself.
In addition, Xuanxing found that none of the veins in his body were intact, which damaged Naixuanxing so that he could close his eyes and heal.
The purple pearl in Yuan Ying’s hand is very effective for healing, so Xuanxing played it. I’m afraid it will take thousands of years if he recovers slowly.
It’s been more than 200,000 years since I got this pearl, but Xuanxing knows little about it, knowing that it can heal and be spiritual.