They can’t see the heaven, but they can’t see the heaven. They say that the Tang royal family will do their best to protect the Tang royal family, but it will take several years to let them die.

The two Taoist priests ran out of a short distance before stopping to see what the palace would do in the coming days. If something goes wrong, they will list Chang ‘an as a restricted area in the next few hundred years.
The miraculous performance of the celestial body made many people in the palace feel afraid that some people had escaped, but there were still some guards loyal to the royal family who tried their best to protect the emperor.
When this generation of Tang emperors learned that Heaven had broken into the palace, they knew that Heaven was coming for him, although people advised him to leave the palace.
However, the Tang royal family has declined to the extreme, and the palace is the last face of the royal family. If he really withdraws from the palace, he may die halfway, and then many people will hold a big article about his death.
The emperor would rather die than die halfway. In any case, even if the emperor has fallen by, he is also a generation of emperors.
The emperor knew that after the strange man broke into the palace, he didn’t escape or hide, but waited for the sky to appear in his own dragon chair.
"There you are!"
When the day came in, the emperor looked calm and light way
Others can’t tell whether he is flustered and doesn’t read minds, but he does have a generation of emperor demeanor on the surface.
Looking at the day he walked in, he was very indifferent and didn’t seem to worry about his fate at all.
"Well, I’m coming."
The emperor was looked at calmly in the hall of heaven.
The emperor’s dragon chair is the most distinguished position in the Tang Dynasty, just like the emperor’s visits to those ministers.
However, the celestial body is far more powerful than the emperor’s body. Although they are in the same position, people who see this scene will think that genius is the real overlord of heaven, even if he doesn’t sit in the dragon chair, he is just there.
"I’m coming. You’re coming from the dragon chair."
The calm tone of the sky is like stating a natural fact.
The emperor couldn’t help laughing when he saw that Heaven spoke so naturally. "It’s wishful thinking that you want to take my throne with a few tricks, isn’t it?"
Heaven says, "People never need an emperor who can make them live. What they need is an emperor who can make them live."
"I am the new Buddha of Heaven, Three Realms"
Tian introduced himself as "I respect the Heaven and Lingshan in the underworld, and no exception will be made"
"From now on, I will govern everything."
The emperor clung to the armrest of the dragon chair. After hearing the story and knowing his birth identity, he struggled silently for a while and asked, "What do you want me to do?"
This is a world with ghosts and gods. After the death of the previous emperor, the ancestral spirits will be used to protect future generations. It is natural to change the ancestral spirits, but if there are demons who want to interfere with the royal family, those ancestral spirits are not vegetarians
However, Tianyi blocked all the way to the palace and came to the emperor, but the ancestors of the Tang Dynasty did not respond, and the emperor was already gone.
The emperor also knew that the sky would come to him with great fanfare and there must be something for him to do.
Tang dynasty’s luck is exhausted, and it is bound to go through a disaster of killing and robbing soldiers before it can recast a new dynasty. Anyway, it is better to change the dynasty than to be sensible. After the emperor tangled up, he decided to cooperate with the sky
God arranged that "the imperial edict abdicates voluntarily and I will rule the world"
The emperor was psychologically prepared in his heart, but when he really heard the sky say this, he felt a faint in his heart. After all, Datang came to an end.
"What will it be?"
After a silence, the emperor asked
He knew that he would not have a good time. The former emperor naturally disappeared with the demise of the court, but he wanted to choose a way to die in a decent way.