Schneider or mouth don’t know is to ask Anger or ask yourself.

"The secret party needs fresh blood. I am old and always have a new leader. For example, Caesar, who has just followed the student president, and this teenager who violently destroys the enemy without saying anything … and didn’t you already have the answer before you came to me? You know exactly who we are. "
Anger said, taking the white porcelain cup and drinking a mouthful of new tea.
"I see. I’ll watch him."
Schneider nodded and left the principal’s office.
But he himself had an answer. If the boy is not a pure-blooded dragon, it is a sharp knife that can be polished. They are knife holders. How can they be afraid that the knife is too sharp?
Chapter 1 Starting from bloodline
Castle College is very efficient. It took two weeks, but the passport, air ticket, visa and student ID card arrived in his hand on the afternoon of the third day.
There is also a "Guide to Entrance to Castle College", but it is too thick. He is too lazy to read it. Just ask a senior outside to show him the way before leaving.
In the past few days, he has been tinkering with his mobile phone as if he had discovered a new continent. After that, he found that it was unexpectedly humanized, which was not difficult to understand and extremely convenient.
Looking at iphne in his hand, he lamented that his former country was backward in science and technology, and some Japanese and Japanese technologies in western countries alone were ahead of their time.
Of course, in addition to thinking about mobile phones, Lu Chen also carefully studied the origin system and learned more about his current state in detail.
In addition to attributes, he found that there are interfaces such as bloodline, achievement method and skill.
Regardless of the achievement methods and skills, many miscellaneous things he has learned over the years have also been registered, but they are all additions.
He has won the title of Wu Shen in the East all the way to this day, but he never recognizes himself as a martial arts talent, and his achievements are not brought by martial arts and moves.
But mainly because he is a secret blood fighter.
He couldn’t help laughing when he looked at the menu and introduced his bloodline. He had been pursuing extraordinary powers all his life, but he didn’t think that it was not "scientific" to make ordinary people become secret blood fighters with unusually strong physical fitness through secret blood technology.
When I was a child, injecting that secret blood medicine should be classified into the category of supernatural power, but this technology is too expensive
There are too many people who can’t adapt to the medicine and die suddenly or die. He is just a few successful people, and he happens to be the most adaptable.
"Mysterious blood"
Rating s
This paper introduces that a great eastern country has been endowed with spiritual power since ancient times, and this lineage can greatly improve the physical quality of explorers. This lineage is extremely strong, but most lineages are common.
Current attribute bonus strength 3 points physique 3 points agility 3 points spirit 2 points.
Do you dare to covet the spiritual power of God? Shou Yuan is limited to a permanent reduction of%
Current lineage refining progress 1/3
[If the evaluation is not too strong, its rating may be higher]
Attribute bonus, those Lu Chen knows in his heart, and his note is another two points, one is the degree of bloodline refinement, and the other is that the Shou Yuan limit is cut
He has been in a bottleneck for several years, and he has always believed that the strength brought by secret blood medicine is limited.
But judging from this progress, he didn’t even reach the end, which made him ashamed and delighted.
Yu Shouyuan’s limit was permanently reduced by%, which he had expected because their secret blood fighters rarely lived beyond the age of 2, and most of them were young.
Those secret blood fighters who don’t die well are either dying in the battlefield or weak, and no one can escape the judgment of the gods when they die.