The curved eyebrows and white skin always look charming, but the black frame glasses make it converge, which is more or less like a public official in some countries.

The water is straight and smooth, and the legs are stacked and the chairs are dazzling.
Of course, the most eye-catching thing is still the attractive criminal chest devices that are almost perfect for bursting breasts.
I was suspicious and looked at the slim waist of the staff who burst breasts. I smiled slightly. "My name is Liu Xinyu. Hello."
From the appearance, Wang Weigang’s so-called "malicious role" has no fierce taste
"Hello" Chen Yi has not forgotten the anger and anxiety ahead.
"We have to review some cash problems. Do you usually see your parents such as withdrawing money?" Liu Xinyu as if inadvertently asked
Chen Yi’s head tightened and he didn’t answer immediately. At this time, every word was altruistic. In turn, he asked, "Are you coming to my house alone?"
"There are colleagues outside" Liu Xinyu smiled and his chest trembled slightly.
Chen Yi pretended to be a child and continued, "Is your position high?"
"Inspectors are different from ordinary public officials." Liu Xinyu found out that he got the information he wanted from it and decisively ended up saying to Chen Fu, "Mr. Chen Congyu, let’s continue to talk about the topic just now."
Chen Fu smiled and nodded to Chen Yi. It was very gratifying for him to avoid the sudden attack.
Chen Yi conveniently heard the sound of "Yi Yi" as soon as she left the building.
"Second brother here" hiding in the stairs is exactly the little sister Chen Xi!
Self-proclaimed energetic, youthful and beautiful little girl has a lovely round face, but no one in the Chen family dares to shape her, which will instantly turn vitality into violence.
Now Mr Chirac is a commando posture, and his hands are empty around the corner to prepare to aim at Chen Yi’s neck.
If Chen Yi opens his mouth and calls her for two seconds, he can become a grasping device.
"How do you hide here? Don’t learn? " Chen Yinai squatted down to see the living room.
Little sister boarding school is a famous school for Chinese ladies.
Of course, she was sent to the ladies’ school specially because she was too ungainly, flexible and monkey-like, which really made her family have a headache.
The little girl squinted her round eyes and smiled sweetly. "I came out of school because I wanted to solve my family’s worries."
Chen Yi’s heart warms. Little sister just graduated from junior high school and knows how to think about her family. Then she can’t be stubborn.
However, truancy is not worthy of praise. He stared and said, "Slip out."
"You listen to my plan first." Mr Chirac tugged at his arm and shook it hard.
"You said"
"Through me, I know that there are two problems at home." Little sister held out two fingers. "First, there are several hundred million loans due, and the other is that the amount of tax evasion is several million." Chen Xi said with a smug smile. "It’s not a trouble to pay taxes because we owe money. We have to get millions to help Dad pay taxes less and solve a big problem."
Chen Yi’s superficial nod actually disagrees.
He knows very well that the ultimate problem in his family is that his grandfather has stepped down, and it is disgraceful. The expansion of his father’s company is too fierce and the foundation is unstable. It is naturally stormy to be implicated by this.
The tax is just a trick.
Chen Xi was recognized and proudly said, "Do you want to know how I can get millions?"
"You said"
Chen Xi seemed mysterious and whispered again, "We found a loophole in Fushan game platform."
From a very young age, Chen Xi got a good education and had access to real hackers and computer security personnel, and his technology grew very rapidly.
To a certain extent, Xiaomei said that she was talented and less. Chen Yi received a similar education, but she did not have the same level.
So he hesitated and asked, "What kind of loophole?"
"Remote control allows us to invade their mainframe," Chen Xi said, stopping here. "Second brother, that’s the Fushan game platform. Once it is successful, maybe even the first problem will be solved."
Chen Yi didn’t miss her little sister’s queer spirit and hesitated to ask, "What do you want?"
"Sure enough, the second brother is the best." Chen Xi rushed to the ear trail. "I want you to buy a brain with lucky money."