This time, I have reached a consensus with the Gene Committee. It’s absolutely worthwhile to carry out the top secret plan and make great achievements! "

Kitawan nodded. "The teacher has one more thing to say-the third thing you told your brother has also changed."
Evie knew exactly what the third thing he told Kitawan was "change"? Did something happen or failed and was discovered? "
"Not that Xu tui has left Bluestar."
"From the blue star?"
"The latest information Huaxia Long Xutui has gone to the University of Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution to report the annual routine training of the University of Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution!" Kitawan said
Smell speech Evie is suddenly smiled.
"Extraterrestrial isn’t that right? Extraterrestrial is the site of our strong stars and quasi-stars
Although Cai Shaochu is in charge of the University of Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution, there are quite a few of us, right? "
"Many and some of them are descendants of blood."
"You follow up and have a look at our side this year, how many people go to the extraterrestrial gene evolution university training?
If you are short of manpower, you should come by temporarily transferring some people, right? "Evie asked.
"Although the teacher came on June 30th, the training was the day after tomorrow, but the initial training was finished after the theoretical class," said Kitawan.
"That’s up to you. Remember to live. When the second source of craters was able to surge into the war circle, I felt that this little man had a red fire and a simple breath, but there was no moon commendation meeting.
Nine times out of ten, there’s something weird about this little body. Get it for me and I’ll have a good search, "Evie said.
"If the teacher didn’t ferret out abnormal? Do you want to prepare the aftermath at the same time? " Kitawan asked.
"Don’t need it
It would be great to find something with red fire slips.
If you don’t directly kill and destroy the body!
Killing an Huaxia dragon is also equivalent to weakening the future strength of Huaxia District! "Speaking of which, Evie’s face is a clot." Kitawan is likely to inherit the division after you.
You have to remember that the local king of beasts can finally live one.
We don’t have many opportunities for Blue Star in India, but it’s impossible for us to develop, grow and dominate Huaxia in other places.
Therefore, you should also remember the long-term plan. If you have the opportunity, you should try your best to weaken the strength of Huaxia District! "
"Students remember!" Kitawan nodded heavily.
On June 30th, Xu tui once again came to the customization center of extraterrestrial armed forces.
"Teacher, I’ll take one of my customized equipment. This is the order form the other day."
Xu tui, the receptionist, is an old teacher with gray hair and beard who walks with a limp.
This appearance is awe-inspiring.
Comparatively speaking, extraterrestrial medical technology is a higher level than Blue Star. Nowadays, medical technology and this irreversible leg injury show that this teacher has also experienced a cruel battlefield.
"C-level strength micro-chain structure defense armor (thickening)" After reading the entry, the lame teacher smiled at Xu tui. "Is it too much to customize this?"
Xu back nodded his head.
"Well, it’s good to customize this. This material is very heavy. Seventy-four thousand personal merit points.
Well, you are a B-level individual … "
Speaking of which, the lame teacher suddenly took a surprised look at Xu’s retreat. "C-level customization allows you to enjoy a 15% discount on your personal rating."
In this case, you need to pay a total of 62,900 personal merit points. "
"By the way, can’t the teacher’s class B defense armor still be customized?" Xu retired very happily.
"B-class defensive armor unless you can corresponding grade special alloy at present, there is no goods in the equipment base, which is too tight!
I really suggest that you should customize a helmet, "said the lame teacher."
"Teacher, I am a mysterious helmet with an influential spirit."
The lame teacher nodded and asked Xu to retreat. He checked the customized defense armor face to face and left.
This is Xu tui, who came here just a few days ago to customize the defensive armor.
After Xu decided to go out, he would wear it for three kilograms, which is not heavy at all.
It has been more than half a month since I came to the University of Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution. In the past half a month, I have retired my strength with the help of various auxiliary training facilities of the University of Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution.
However, with the hard training and in-depth training, it is gradually discovered that the powerful auxiliary training facilities of the University of Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution are very helpful to the limit, but the effect is not too strong for the mystery.
Of course, the energy simulation field can still greatly improve the emergency response capability, and it feels like it is rising every day these days.
If that’s what the university motto of extraterrestrial genetic evolution is, then Xu will be disappointed.
I don’t feel too big for him.
However, the training the day after tomorrow will be formal, and you will know the specific training. I am looking forward to it.
Xu retired from the gene armed center and went to the logistics center, where Xu retired to exchange various cultivation materials, drugs and source crystals for personal merits.
It’s valuable to spend so many personal merits!
Chapter four hundred and thirteen The special chapter gene upstart
"Hello, teacher, I’ll exchange five bottles of source energy quenching potion." The logistics center of Bluestar Moon Base made a retreat and came back to exchange it once again.
Energy-source quenching agent is mainly to improve the basic physical quality, physical fitness, speed, strength and so on.