In the first grid, nearly 100 long shuttle goose eggs with a thickness of 30 feet, 30 feet and 30 feet were neatly placed, and the sharp shuttle inscriptions on both ends seemed to have a light flashing faintly;

In the second column, the machete-shaped crow Wei Pei’s knife is exactly the same, but the cold light of the knife in the box invades and stuns, and the cold Su Jing’s eyesight is so good that it is found that the light of the blade is constantly changing and getting brighter bit by bit, which is so slow that it is almost imperceptible;
The third case is a pair of male and female swords, which are seven inches long and seven inches wide. The female sword is not feet wide and not inches long. Both swords are faint and red. Look carefully as if there is blood dripping.
In the last grid, there is a silver whip with a cloth orchid scales, which can be distinguished by the naked eye, and there is a silver Lei Guang cruising.
"I don’t think my brother has found a few samples temporarily before he took advantage of a lance." Before Su Jingfa asked three grandfathers, he first spoke and pointed out the long shuttles. "If I am not mistaken, my brother’s soldiers are all fire crows and demons, and the cultivation is also authentic fire method. I came to find a fuso to build a lance for them. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a fuso Shenmu. For the time being, I will make a preliminary refining of these 90 fuso Zhu Hong shuttles for the children. Let’s find a fuso wood in the future and change it for the better."
Fusang Shenmu said that the tree of the birth of the sun was a fairy tale. Where can I find something? Wu sang should be regarded as a close relative of hibiscus wood and a very precious thing. It is sharp, sharp and strong by forging. Needless to say, it is the most rare thing for Wu sang to have fire, which is greatly beneficial to crow guard spells.
Said long shuttle three grandfather and weigh in hand a machete "this is also for the crow who I see they are equipped with machetes. I think they are used to the guy, but the texture is still a mundane weapon." Three grandfather smiled and shook his head. "So I ordered the candidate Yingyue Cold Silver to build these new knives. They can’t compare with Wusang Zhu Hong, but they win well for your family."
Yingyuehan silver mine is bare, and it has a close relationship with the moon. For thousands of years, the ground has been exposed to the moonlight, which has developed the characteristic that the silver awn moves with the moon. From the beginning, the silver awn will gradually increase until it is full and shiny at 15: 00, and then it will slowly fade away, so it is called Yingyuehan silver, which is a good material to build flying swords and add light to change interest. Nowadays, the practice is expensive.
Followed by three grandfathers and talked about the third double swords, "The name of this pair of swords is red blood separated from the hook, which is nothing, but its first four owners are all clever rats, and the flying sword is suitable for Mr. Liu Liang." Liu Liang served Su Jing behind him, and he never found a suitable weapon after his morning glow sword was taken away by the bodhi old zu, and he was pleasantly surprised to see such a good sword.
Finally, the third grandfather pointed to the whip. "This whip is called Tianxi. I don’t know how many years ago, an exotic animal, Lei Heng, came out of the southern marsh. The evil everywhere finally provoked the punishment of the master. Finally, it was made into this Tianxi whip. It should not be difficult for the younger brother to suppress the python naturally."
The weapons in the Jiangshan box are not the best, but they are all good things. Especially, they are suitable for Su Jing’s demon slaves. It is said that they are tailor-made but unexpected. Yu Sujing also noticed a detail … It seems that San Gonggong really doesn’t like the little loach, otherwise he only missed Qiu Ping ‘an’s share.
This gift box really carries some weight. Su Jing looked up and said, "What does three grandfathers mean?"
Grandpa San replied, "I just said before that the old man must thank you for protecting Youde and taking revenge. This is a thank-you gift."
"Then I thanked the three grandfathers for rewarding me." Su Jing turned his mind quickly and smiled and said, "Your old gift is worth the little things we have done, and then we owe you great help."
"More than bro forgot that the disaster was directed at Jixishan. I came to visit Koo, and the guests were implicated in this accident. Your family owed me a favor. It is another kindness for me to block’ djinn Foot’ and save everyone. "Just now, I also sent a gift. Grandpa suddenly became concerned about it and counted the human accounts carefully.
Chapter one hundred and nine Not selling radishes
Su Jing didn’t respond. He made a gesture and asked San Gonggong to continue speaking.
"The old man lived for a long time, but he didn’t know how to do business. The most important thing in doing business is to make it clear that I was in trouble before, I blocked the disaster, you protected me, my brother tracked down the murderer, and so on. These human feelings are wrapped together. I am kind to you, you are righteous to me, you are good, I am good, everyone is good, but the reality is unclear. Now what you and I do is offset by this Jiangshan box, and the rest is clear."
After Rory’s long-winded remarks, Three Grandfathers slightly increased their tone. "Brother Su?"
Su Jingsu’s tone is serious. "Su Jing is not a grateful reporter. Even without this box of jewels, Three Grandfathers are aligned with Xishan, and I dare not forget the kindness of saving my life." As she spoke, she put Jiangshan box into her splendid bag. "I will do my best to help Three Grandfathers in the future."
Three grandfathers ha ha ha laugh "coincidentally, there’s just a little thing that Brother Su can help."
Just after the "price" errand, I came to the head of Suzhou Scenic Spot, "Please ask my grandfather to tell me"
"I want to ask my brother to borrow someone to do something with me." San Grandpa’s tone was very relaxed and "Qiu Ping ‘an"
Su Jinggen didn’t ask him what he wanted the little loach to do, and when it was not Qiu Pingan, an outsider, to help San Grandpa, Su Jing picked out the key and asked, "Is this something dangerous?"
"Talking to Cong people is to save worry and effort. It is indeed dangerous for me to take Qiu Ping ‘an to do things. Maybe … he won’t come back, but Su Laodi can rest assured that in case your family is ruined, Xie Lou will definitely double the compensation for hurting you. I will pay you a real demon teacher as a slave."
Don’t say Su Jing can even hear that Qiu Ping is going with San Grandpa, not maybe but definitely not!
Su Jing is still questioning the key "Miss Yin Qingyun?"
Three grandfathers finally stopped beating around the bush. "Although my pulse is a demon, I am also somewhat poor in family style. Pay attention to Qingyun or a girl who is pestered by a muddy little girl all day." You don’t have to treat him like an old man who thinks that his eyes are not bad and he won’t see the wrong person. This Qiu Ping-an is not a listener. On the contrary, the more you persuade and warn him, the more unbridled and intensified he will be. In that case, it should not be a bad thing for the younger brother and the old man. "
Everyone in the demon clan is cultivated from birds and animals, and there is always a murderous condition hidden in his bones. It is nothing to kill a six-spirit-level monster in Grandpa’s eyes.
"Marie" Su Jing did not want to be melodramatic and refused directly.
Three grandfather tone light up "just a moment ago, bro can also told me that if the old man has something to do, you should do it." The old man stopped laughing, but Su Jing laughed. "I must do it or … I’ll go with you? Qiu Ping-an can forget it. "
Grandpa San snorted, "I saved everyone’s life in Jixishan. Isn’t it enough for this little loach to come back and make such a big profit?"
"I’m thankful for the building, but it’s also a signboard. Say a word. Many friends in the demon gate will give me a face. If I don’t dislike you, I can walk around a lot. What’s the big deal and small feelings that are inconvenient to leave the mountain? I might as well give it to the old man to do it. Of course, I can’t get paid, but some people will not necessarily help him even if they are willing to pay for the building."
"Even if you put aside my kindness to Xishan, Sue’s brother should know that it is more important to thank Lou for extra days. This friend will wait if there are several good roads. If you walk a little monster, you will block up so many roads. It will not be worth the loss. Maybe you will turn your friends into enemies. Although it is a great reward to thank Lou, it is not necessarily more important to be afraid of it … If you leave the mountain, your sword fairy may not be able to fight with a monster."
Before you know it, a cold sweat has seeped from the back of Liu Liang. The worst sentence is that San Grandpa didn’t say it, but how could Su Jing not hear it? It is not necessarily difficult for Xie Lou’s forces to get rid of Qiu Ping ‘an with a reward of heaven.
Su Jing’s side is still nothing to talk about. In the end, he is still the word "Marie" because of three grandfathers’ threats and inducements.
Three grandfather’s face sank to "so Sue bro baoding that muddy small? Can you keep him safe for ten years or a hundred years? "
Su Jing also wanted to say "Marie", but he felt that it was always too monotonous. This time, he changed his statement "Please change your orders."
Three grandfather lift eye quietly looking at Su Jing for a long time before he mouth again "good! If you can kill a person for me, I may put it aside first. This person’s name is Jingu. "
Telling the name of the demon slave Liu Liang was suddenly surprised. Su Jing looked blank. "Who is the golden drum?"
Three grandfathers are three-legged jinchan, surnamed Jin. He said that the golden drum is his own son, who looks like today’s reward.
Liu Liang explained this to Su Jing clearly, and Su Jing was surprised that there was no father in this world who bought a murderer to kill his own son. When he asked San Grandpa, "Is he disobedient?"
"He is filial to say that he is not disobedient."
Su Jing was even more surprised. "Then you want to get rid of him?"
"I have five children who I love the most, but he is still young." Three grandfathers are indifferent. "I am so old that Fei Xianwang will return to the soil sooner or later. This huge family business behind me is to be distributed to them and divided equally. When I leave, the boss will not say anything. After all, he has the longest time, the strongest mind and the greatest contribution when he follows me. He will be dissatisfied when I divide the family business equally."
"Second, third and fourth, I’m not worried that they can’t compare with the boss, but at least they’re all grown up. It’s not easy for the boss to swallow them, but he’s old … he’s wet behind the ears, he’s short-tempered and has no friends, and he’s bound to be planted in the hands of the boss."
The children want to kill the big son, and this kind of thing will only appear in the demon door. It is incredible that Su Jing wants to come. "Because there may be a family dispute, you will … tiger poison is not yet food …"
Before the words were finished, Grandpa San interrupted, "I won’t do it myself because tiger poison doesn’t eat, or I’ll have to find you."
Two "orders" in succession are getting worse and worse. Three grandfathers also said that Qiu Ping ‘an is a muddy little Su Jing. It seems that the old man is much more mixed up than the little loach. It happened that three grandfathers still justified these reasons.
Su Jing turned a thought in his heart. "Will the old two, the old three and the old four not deal with the old one in the future?" Do you want to get rid of it too? " But this must not be said.
Su Jing’s hands spread out. "I can’t help you with this."
"What if the third grandfather promised you to get rid of the golden drum and give you 30% of his share of the property?" Three grandfathers are more and more abnormal. "I promise to make you nod now, and I will sign a contract and ask you to leave the mountain to do notarization. You can rest assured."
Su Jing shook his head. "Please change another order."
Three grandfathers hang their heads and fiddle with their left thumb, white jade fingers, and there is no trace of tone in their mouth. "That’s no good, that’s no good, Su Jing. Are you really a radish seller? Can you be picky?"
Su Jing is full of nai. "To tell you the truth, I really hope that you are always selling radishes."
Selling radishes will not take human life seriously, and will not take one’s own life seriously.